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Paul Bunyan
Cheshire, CT
This Paul Bunyan statue beat local zoning laws by holding a flag. It was considered a flagpole rather than a sign. Originally, the statue stood in front of tire stores in Bristol and Plainville, CT. He was moved here in the late 1970s. At that time, the owners of House of Doors operated a tree service and the Paul Bunyan was an appropriate advertisement. In 2006, his upper torso was either removed or fell off. The pants in the first photo were still standing by themselves in 2007. By 2009, the statue was completely restored. His flagpole now resembles just a piece of pipe. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Paul Bunyan
McAlester, OK
In 2008, the House of Doors (see above) purchased another Paul Bunyan statue for their Salem, CT location. The statue had been originally located in St. George, UT. It was then moved to Billings, MT and then to Bridger, MT. Once in Connecticut, city zoning prohibited the House of Doors from displaying this second statue. It laid on its back behind the store until 2019 when it was sold and moved here to Griffeth Hot Rods in McAlester. For more, see this website. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Leesburg, GA (later Tampa, FL)


When this Paul Bunyan statue was located in Leesburg, GA, he stood in front of SJC Construction holding some sort of tool. Was that used for paving? I don't know what that bullet-shaped object was beneath him. In 2010, he was sold and moved to Tampa, FL where he stood in front of an auto repair shop and held a giant wrench. In 2023, he was sold and will be moving to Connecticut. For more, see this website.

Paul Bunyan
Dade City, FL


This Paul Bunyan statue was originally installed in Osage Beach, MO. It is now located at Big Mechanic, previously known as Auto Air Muffler & Brake City. The company had two other International Fiberglass statues at other locations: a former Cowboy statue in Zephyrhills and a 14-foot-tall Giant Man in Tampa. Both of those are gone now. [map]

Paul Bunyan [gone]
Largo, FL
This Paul Bunyan statue once stood on the roof of Webb's City in St. Petersburg, FL which closed in 1979. He held two tires even then. The statue was installed on the roof of Starkey Road Auto in 1971. These photos are from 2005. The store closed around 2012 but the statue was still there in 2014. In 2015, the statue was removed. Someone spotted the statue on a trailer. It's not known where it went. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Paul Bunyan
East Point, GA
This Paul Bunyan statue has stood in front of Boyd & Sons Tire Co. since at least 1997. [map]

Paul Bunyan [gone]
Evergreen Park, IL
Paul Bunyan
Springfield, IL
The Paul Bunyan in Evergreen Park is installed on the roof of Guardian Auto Rebuilders. In 1998, it was knocked over in a tornado but was repaired and given a fresh coat of auto paint. When the first two photos were taken in 2001, the statue appeared to be covered with metal flake paint. By the last two photos in 2010, the paint seemed more muted. This statue no longer has any feet. Most likely, they were cemented in place at a previous location and had to be severed to relocate him. In 2017, the statue was knocked over again on the roof and badly damaged. The owners hope to repair him. He was still missing in 2019. [map]

The Paul Bunyan in Springfield stands in front of Lauterbach Tire and Auto Service. In 2001, the tire in the statue's hand was replaced with an American flag. In 2006, the statue was struck by a tornado and was missing his head for a while. For more, see this website. [map]

Paul Bunyan [gone]

2001 in Melrose Park, IL

2012 in Crystal Lake, IL
This Paul Bunyan statue shown above was originally located at Village Lumber in Melrose Park. In 2003, the statue was moved to Wolff's Flea Market where it was displayed inside a warehouse. By 2006, the flea market had closed and the statue disappeared. Around 2009, the statue reappeared at Lumber Jacks Firewood in Crystal Lake. In 2018, the statue was taken down and put in storage. It is currently for sale. For more, see this website.

Paul Bunyan
Rumford, ME
This Paul Bunyan statue was previously at Puiia's Home Center which is closed now. In 2002, the statue was donated to the town and restored. His axe was recreated and he was installed next to the Visitors' Info Center. A Babe the Blue Ox has also been installed next to him. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Onsted, MI (now Brooklyn, MI)
This Paul Bunyan statue may have been located in Ann Arbor, MI at one time. The photos above from 2005 show the statue when it stood in front of Stagecoach Stop USA in Onsted. The amusement park operated from 1964-2008 and had a Western 1800s theme. In 2010, this statue was put up for sale on eBay but did not find a buyer. In 2011, the statue was sold and moved to Knutson's Sporting Goods in Brooklyn, MI. It was repainted before being installed. [Brooklyn photo thanks Joel Baker] [map]

Paul Bunyan
Foristell, MO
This Paul Bunyan statue in Foristell has an unusual upraised right arm like the Mr. Bendo and Indian models. The Mr. Bendo model was essentially a Paul Bunyan statue with the raised arm and clenched fist to hold a bar. This statue has an open hand like the Indian statues. This statue stands at the lot of Skyline Motors, a tractor trailer repair shop. The owner bought him in the 1980s from a tire store in St. Louis. The statue was on its back at the owner's home until 1997. He was then painted and installed here. In 2018, the statue was knocked over during a storm. It was broken in half at the waist and badly damaged. The statue was repaired and reinstalled. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Billings, MT
This Paul Bunyan statue in Billings has been part of this giant sign at L.P. Anderson Tire Factory since 1965. The store's owner bought the statue while he was at a convention in Los Angeles earlier that year. The statue originally had green pants, a white shirt, and a green cap. Ini 2006, the statue was repainted to reflect the company's acquisition by the Tire Factory. He had blue pants and a red cap. Around 2016, the shop had become Point S Tire and the statue's cap was painted green. For more, see this website. [map]

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