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Big John
Cape Coral, FL


This Big John statue was installed at this shopping center in 1969. These statues were produced by the General Sign Company in Cape Girardeau, MO. While being moved to this location from Missouri, the statue was decapitated and the head had to be repaired upon arrival. The statue originally revolved on its base. The Big John supermarket was part of a chain based in Illinois where there are still several other Big John statues. When the supermarket in Cape Coral closed in 1986, the statue's grocery bags were removed from his arms. The shopping center was renamed Cape Coral Town Center. At some point, nautical flags were painted on the front and back of the statue's shirt. In 2011, the statue was repainted. The two grocery bags were retrieved from storage and reinstalled. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Garden Gnome
Vero Beach, FL
Tampa, FL
Ochopee, FL
Pensacola Beach, FL
This Garden Gnome is located at the Busy Bee Lawn & Garden Center. It was installed around 2020. There was a dragon there before that. There is another gnome statue like this one in Denton, TX. [map]

This Punch statue is installed in front of Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop. I believe it has been there since 2019. This statue is modern and would have originally held a tray like the one in Alameda, CA. This character, based on the Punch and Judy puppet character, has been used as the Punch cigar brand's mascot since 1840. The brand is still produced today. [map]

This Bigfoot statue is installed in front of the Skunk Ape Headquarters. [map]

This bronze Surfer statue represents Yancy Spencer III, "The Duke of the Gulf Coast." The seven-foot-tall sculpture was created by Randy New and installed in 2013. For more, see this website. [map]

Humpty Dumpty
St. Petersburg, FL
Humpty Dumpty
Tallahassee, FL
This Humpty Dumpty statue in St. Petersburg has been installed in front of Skyway Jack's restaurant since at least 2011. It probably came from a mini golf course, most likely a Goofy Golf. [map]

This foam Humpty Dumpty statue is part of a hospital billboard. It was built by Lamar Graphics. The statue has been there since 2019 but may be gone soon. [map]

Fort Myers, FL
This Buddha statue was installed in front of the Bamboo Inn around 1961 when the restaurant opened. The business behind him later became the Buddha Bar & Grill. It is now known as Buddha LIVE. The statue is about five feet tall. Just after these photos were taken in 2020, the statue was painted red. It may be painted gold again later. [map]

Presidents Hall of Fame
Clermont, FL
This Presidents Hall of Fame opened in the 1960s as a wax museum. In the 1970s, the replica of the White House was built which now houses the museum. These statues of Abraham Lincoln, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and a bugler are located outside of the museum. Inside, there are detailed dioramas, wax statues, White House photo-ops, and memorabilia. [map]

Gator Wrestler
Miami, FL
This Gator Wrestler statue was installed around 2009 in from of the Miccosukee Indian Village tourist attraction. [map]

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