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former Vickers station
Haysville, KS
This former Vickers station features a parabolic roof. Vickers Petroleum developed this design in 1954. This concrete structure withstood a tornado while buildings around it were heavily damaged. It recently housed an information center and Chamber of Commerce for many years. The building now houses the Haysville Economic Development office. [map]

former Vickers station
Wichita, KS
This former Vickers station was built in 1957 and has been significantly altered. The building looked like the station in Haysville described above when it was built. It has housed Morgan-Bulleigh, an upholstery shop, for many years. [map]

There was another Vickers station in Wichita of this design which has been demolished. It was known as the Cardwell Service Station.

There are a few Orbit stations in California which feature a similar building style. There is another gas station with a parabolic roof in Fayetteville, NC.

former station
Fairway, KS
This former station may have been built in 1961 as a Sinclair station. It now houses the Fairway Creamery ice cream shop. It housed Pizza 51 West before that. [map]

former station
Florence, KS
This former station may have been built in 1950. It has been vacant for decades. However, the building has been painted a couple of times in recent years. [map]

former Shamrock station
Mission, KS
This former Shamrock station was adapted in 2013 for a Taco Republic. It closed in 2023 just before these photos were taken. [map]

former Conoco station
Winfield, KS
This former Conoco station was built in 1956 and adapted for Ladybird Brewing in 2021. [map]

former Dawson's Conoco station
Manhattan, KS
The former Dawson's Conoco station, aka the Parkside Conoco, was built from 1966-1967. Very few double canopy stations, of any brand, remain. The original owner was Warren E. Dawson. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Around 2006, it became a tire shop. In 2023, the building was being adapted for an expansion of the Little Batch Company bakery which is located next door. It will be known as Parkside Station. For more, see this website. [map]

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