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This is an archived section. It is no longer linked to the Home Page of my website. Too many sections, too many topics pulling me in different directions. I will leave this section here for folks that are interested in kiddie rides. But I won't be actively updating or adding things to this section.

Waldameer Park
Erie, PA
Waldameer Park is a full-scale amusement park with coasters and other rides, water slides, arcade games, picnic areas, etc. The park also features some kiddie rides and a Chance carousel. For more, see their website.

Wonderland Park
Amarillo, TX
Wonderland Park opened as Kiddie Land in 1951 with three kiddie rides: a Herschell boat ride, a Lil' Dipper roller coaster and a kiddie car ride built by the park's owner. In 1969, the place was renamed Wonderland Park. Various coasters, rides, and a mini golf have been added over the years. In addition to several kiddie rides, there is a miniature train and a carousel. For more, see their website.

Salem Willows
Salem, MA
Salem Willows features arcade games, bumper cars, batting cages and a few kiddie rides. For more, see their website.

Lakeside Park
Fond du Lac, WI
Lakeside Park features a William F. Mangels roto-whip kiddie ride, a miniature train, and a carousel.

Paul Bunyan Land
Brainerd, MN
Paul Bunyan Land has a few kiddie rides including these Kiddie Canoes, Cars & Bikes, and a carousel. For more, see this website.

City Park
Pueblo, CO
The City Park kiddie rides include a whip, rockets, spaceships, fire engines, boats, small cars, a ferris wheel, a mini roller coaster, and a mini train. The Yogi Bear hose holder probably came from a Jellystone Park. There is also a vintage carousel.

Santa's Village Azoosment Park
East Dundee, IL
Santa's Village Azoosment Park opened in 1959 as Santa's Village. The park closed in 2006. It reopened in 2010 as Santa's Village Azoosment Park. These photos of the kiddie rides are from 2012. For more about this place, see this page.

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