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This is an archived section. It is no longer linked to the Home Page of my website. Too many sections, too many topics pulling me in different directions. I will leave this section here for folks that are interested in kiddie rides. But I won't be actively updating or adding things to this section.

Bushkill Park
Easton, PA

Bushkill Park has been around since 1902. Most of their kiddie rides look like they date from the 1950s. The park suffered from catastrophic flooding in 2004 and while it reopened in 2006, they are still rebuilding. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Lakemont Park
Altoona, PA

Lakemont Park features "Kiddieland" which includes a small ferris wheel, carousel and coaster. There are also old Herschell rides, including pony carts, sky fighters, and boats.

Wonderland Pier
Ocean City, NJ

Wonderland Pier features several old kiddie rides in their enclosed amusement park area. The rides include these saucers and jets, as well as the classic boats, fire engines, and dune buggies. For more, see this website.

Casino Pier
Seaside Heights, NJ

Casino Pier has old and new kiddie rides, including kiddie bumper cars (which somehow I missed).

Williams Grove Park [closed]
Williams Grove, PA

Williams Grove Park opened in 1850 as a picnic area and later became a fairgrounds. Rides were added in 1928 and a racetrack in 1938. In the 1970s, many of the rides from Palisades Park were moved here. The park is best known for its wooden coaster and dark rides but it does have a few kiddie rides. The carousel has Muller and Dentzel fiberglass reproductions mounted to the platform. The park closed in 2005 and the park's contents are to be auctioned off in 2007. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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