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Yellow Submarine [gone]
Chicago, IL
The Yellow Submarine had been around since at least the 1970s. The building had been vacant since about 2010. These photos are from 2012. By 2014, the building had been demolished.

Lou Mitchell's
Chicago, IL
Walker Bros. Original Pancake Restaurant
Wilmette, IL
Lou Mitchell's opened in 1923 and is a Chicago breakfast institution. It relocated here in 1949. Fresh donut holes are offered for people waiting in line. At the table, there are slices of orange and prunes, and free boxes of Milk Duds for women. [map]

The Walker Bros. Original Pancake Restaurant chain was established in Portland, OR in 1953. There are now about 120 locations nationwide. This location opened in 1960 as one of the company's early franchises. This building, which was probably built in the 1940s, was originally Nott's (or Knott's) Ice Cream Parlor. That company produced ice cream here and also had a dining area. The glass enclosed waiting area was added to the building when Walker Bros. moved in. The old front doors are now the two inner doors. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

former Cock Robin
Brookfield, IL
former Cock Robin
Wheaton, IL
The Cock Robin chain was known for its steakburgers and rectangular servings of ice cream. At one time, there were 23 locations.

The Brookfield location opened as a Prince Castle in 1932. The chain's name was changed to Cock Robin in the late 1950s. It was the only location left when it closed in 2007. These photos were taken right after that. The building has been demolished for a parking lot since then but the sign remains. [map]

The Wheaton location has housed Shane's Deli since 2002. The Cock Robin sign was still there when these photos were taken in 2012. It was gone by 2016. [map]

Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop [gone]
Macomb, IL
This Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop was originally part of the chain which was established in 1926 in Iowa. This location had been closed since around 2007. The sign was removed and the building was demolished around 2017. For more, see this website.

Hen House Restaurant
Mitchell, IL
Hen House Restaurant
Springfield, IL
former Hen House Restaurant [gone]
Chenoa, IL
The Hen House Restaurant chain was established in 1969 and at one time had 42 locations in five states. These Mitchell and Springfield locations are still in operation though I'm sure they're independently operated at this point. [Mitchell map]; [Springfield map]

The Chenoa location is now the Chenoa Family Restaurant. This location had the original barn-style building and a repainted sign when this photo was taken in 2009. By 2015, the building had been replaced but the sign was still there. By 2018, the Hen House panel on top of the sign was gone. [map]

I believe the Mahomet, IL location is still operating. The Bourbon, MO location is now the Barn and Grill Restaurant. If you know of any that still exist, I'd love to hear about them. For more, see this website.

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