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College Station, TX
dog statue
Brady, TX
Labrador Retriever
North Fort Myers, FL
Golden Retriever
Sarasota, FL
This Collie was installed in 2019 at Aggieland Outfitters, a Texas A&M merchandise store. The statue represents Reveille, a Collie, which has been the university's mascot since 1931. For more, see this website. [map]

This bronze dog statue is located in front of Evridge's Furniture which was established in 1937 as a five and dime store. The store moved across the city square to this location in 1939. I don't know the history of this dog statue but appears to be pretty old. It has reflective eyes. One of the reflectors was missing when these photos were taken in 2017. [map]

This bronze Labrador Retriever is installed at the Judd Park Pooch Park. It has been there since at least 2007. For more, see this website. [map]

This Golden Retriever was installed sometime after 2019. [map]

Propane Dog
Key West, FL
Molecular Dog
Winter Park, FL
The Propane Dog, also known as a Molecular Dog, was built in 2008 by Robert Chambers. The sculpture is made from coral boulders and stainless steel. [map]

The bronze Molecular Dog was also built by Robert Chambers in 2008. It was cast at the American Bronze Foundry in Sanford. It is installed in Shady Park. Chambers' dogs are based on the carbon molecular structure of propane. His Fructose Molecule sculpture is located in Tampa, FL. [map]

Rancho Cordova, CA
These three bronze Dogs in Rancho Cordova are located at the Zinfandel light rail train stop. I believe this light rail stop opened in 2004 and these sculptures were probably installed in 2005. Does anyone know who the sculptor was or the title of the installation? The dogs appear to be mixed breeds with possibly Hound and/or Whippet parents. [map]

Esso Watchdog
Pottstown, PA
Esso Watchdog statues were produced by the Esso Oil Company. This German Shepherd was used as the company's home heating oil business mascot from around 1959-1965. These fiberglass statues came in two sizes: seven feet long and three feet long. The larger ones, like this one, were installed on top of the company's oil trucks. This Pottstown statue was located at an Esso Oil delivery company at this site. When Watchdog Condo-Storage opened here, they kept the statue. It is now installed on top of their sign. [map]

German Shepherd
Phoenix, AZ
Anaheim, CA
The German Shepherd sculpture in Phoenix is part of the Arizona Law Enforcement K-9 Memorial installed in 2006. The bronze sculpture was created by Jeff Davenport. It is located in Wesley Bolin Memorial Park. [map]

This German Shepherd statue of Valor is installed inside the La Palma Dog Park. It is dedicated to Anaheim K-9 police officers and was created by Susan Bahary. It was installed in 2016. For more, see this website. [map]

German Shepherd & Dalmatian
Southlake, TX
Magnolia, AR
This German Shepherd & Dalmatian stand in front of Southlake's police and fire station. The larger-than-life bronze dogs were created by Archie St. Clair and installed in 2010. The sculpture in entitled: "Loyalty and Service Above All Else". [map]

This Dalmatian is installed in front of the Magnolia Fire Department. It has been there since at least 2008. The plaque indicates that Sparky, aka S.T. Home, served there from 1945-1965. [map]

Dog and Cat
Lake City, FL
These Dog and Cat statues were installed around 2018 in front of the Caring Hands Animal Hospital. [map]

Boy and Dog
Lawndale, CA
This Boy and Dog sculpture was installed in front of the Advanced Veterinary Care Center in 2018. [map]

Big Red Dog
Northport, AL
The Big Red Dog, aka Rusty, stands on top of the Stephens Gallery. The metal sculpture has been here since at least 1999. [map]

Annie the Railroad Dog
Fort Collins, CO
Bird Dog
Union Springs, AL
Annie the Railroad Dog is installed in front of the Old Town Library. Annie, a mixed-breed dog, was adopted by railroad workers in 1934 and greeted passengers at the train depot until she passed away in 1948. This bronze sculpture is about 2 1/2 feet tall and was created by Dawn Weimer in 1997. [map]

This bronze Bird Dog in Union Springs is a life-sized representation of an English Pointer. It was sculpted by Robert Wehle and installed in 1996. [map]

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