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dog statues [gone]
Elmwood Park, NJ
These dog statues were made of foam and installed in front of Camp Bow Wow. They were made around 2006. The Golden Retriever is about four feet tall. The statues were still there in 2012 but gone by 2016.

Giant Dachshund
Dillon, SC
Giant Dachshund
Ruidoso, NM
The Giant Dachshund in Dillon is located at South of the Border. The 15-foot-long statue is installed next to Pedro's Hot Dogs. It was produced by International Fiberglass in the 1960s as the Hot Dog Hound. This photo shows the statue ready for shipment at the factory. [photo thanks Terry Nelson]. [map]

The Giant Dachshund in Ruidoso is an identical statue to the one in Dillon. It must have been produced by International Fiberglass as well. I don't know where it was installed originally but it is now on the roof of the Ruidoso Emporium. It has been there since at least 2015. [map]

Slinky Dog Bike Rack
Reno, NV
The Slinky Dog Bike Rack was installed next to the Biggest Little Dog Park around 2021. [map]

Bobbie the Wonderdog
Silverton, OR
Alma, AR
Giant Husky
Saint-Nicolas, QC
Bobbie the Wonderdog was a Collie mix from the 1920s who became famous for traveling more than 2,500 miles after being lost in Indiana to return to his home in Silverton. Since at least 2007, this statue and doghouse have been located downtown in his memory. For more, see this website. [map]

This Airedale statue stands in front of the Performing Arts Center. The Airedale Terrier is the mascot of Alma High School. [map]

This Husky advertises for Le Chenil La Poursuite, a dog sledding school. [map]

Giant Husky
N. Lincoln Ave.
York, NE
Giant Husky
S. Lincoln Ave.
York, NE
These fiberglass Husky statues were produced by Icon Poly for Pump & Pantry gas stations. The mascot was developed in 2013 and is named Bones. At least a dozen of these statues were produced and installed on top of the gas pump canopies at various locations. However, Bones has been dropped from the company's logo and signs. I believe these are the only two statues left. For more, see this website. [N. Lincoln Ave. map]; [S. Lincoln Ave. map]

Jim the Wonder Dog
Marshall, MO
dog statue
McLeansboro, IL
Great Dane
Galveston, TX
Jim the Wonder Dog was an English Llewellyn Setter that lived from 1925-1937. He was a local celebrity that predicted future events and understood many different languages. His grave is located in the Ridge Park Cemetery. This bronze statue was installed in 1999 in a small park where the hotel he used to live in was located. For more, see this website. [map]

The dog statue in McLeansboro is located at the McCoy Memorial Library. It is about twice life size. The statue has been here since at least the 1960s. Does anyone know more about it? For more, see this website. [map]

This Great Dane sculpture was carved by Dayle Lewis from a live oak tree which had been destroyed during Hurricane Ike in 2008. The sculpture was modeled after Hunter, the dog that lives on the property. The sculpture is dressed up for various holidays. [map]

Giant Labrador Retriever
Burlington, WA
Giant Labrador Retriever [gone]
Spokane, WA
This Giant Labrador Retriever in Burlington has been owned by the Country Store since around 2013. It was originally located at the Aslin-Finch Feed Store in Spokane, WA which the Country Store bought. The statue is nicknamed Aslin. It is moved around to the company's 13 stores for their Pet-A-Palooza sales events from Spring until Fall.

The Giant Labrador Retriever in Spokane was installed at this Country Store when these photos were taken in 2016. By 2017, he seemed to be gone. It might be moved around to other stores.

Giant Dog
Phoenix, AZ
This Giant Dog is clearly made from the same fiberglass mold as the Labrador Retriever statues shown above. However, he is painted to look more like a Pointer. The statue has stood in front of the Doggie District Pet Resort since at least 2016. [map]

Giant Labrador Retriever and Bulldog
Billings, OK
Giant Labrador Retriever and Bulldog
Yukon, OK
These Giant Labrador Retriever and Bulldog in Billings were installed around 2017 at the Cimarron Travel Plaza which features a Phillips 66 gas station, truck stop, and dog park. I believe these statues and the Labrador Retrievers shown above were produced by FAST Fiberglass. [map]

The same pair of statues was installed at the Phillips 66 in Yukon around 2016. [map]

If anyone knows of any other locations with these statues, I'd love to hear from you.

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