California Mid-Century Modern Banks (page 7)

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Modesto Savings & Loan
Modesto, CA
This Modesto Savings & Loan branch was designed by Mortensen & Hollstien and built in 1965. It was later a World Savings & Loan and a Wachovia Bank. The building was vacant when these photos were taken in 2014. [map]

Bank of the West
Sunnyvale, CA
This Bank of the West building was built in 1963 as a First National Bank of San Jose. It was designed by Melvin A. Rojko. There were originally four drive-thru teller windows around the building. [map]

U.S. Bank
Sonoma, CA
This U.S. Bank building was built in 1976. [map]

Union Bank
San Rafael, CA
Chase Bank
El Cajon, CA
This Union Bank building was built in 1978. [map]

This Chase Bank was probably built in the 1970s. I don't know what bank was here originally. The design seems to be a match for the bank that was located in Oakland shown directly below. [map]

former Asiana Bank [gone]
Oakland, CA
This Asiana Bank was built in 1974. The building later housed the Global Entertainment video store which closed around 2008. The building was vacant after that. These photos are from 2015. The building was demolished in 2016.

former World Savings Bank
Castro Valley, CA
This former World Savings Bank appears to be from the 1960s or 1970s. It later housed a Wachovia. It has been a Wells Fargo Bank since around 2011. For more, see this website. [map]

Midvalley Savings
Yuba City, CA
This building housed Midvalley Savings by 1967. It now houses Oro Jewelry and Loan. [map]

former Capitol Federal Savings and Loan
Sacramento, CA
This former Capitol Federal Savings and Loan branch was designed by Dean Unger and built in 1972. The building now houses a Sprint store. [map]

Chase Bank
Claremont, CA
This Chase Bank was built in 1963 as a Colonial Savings and Loan. It was designed by Victor Gruen Associates. It features cast concrete screens. For more, see this website. [map]

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