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Artist Point Gift Shop
Mountainburg, AR
The Artist Point Gift Shop opened in the 1950s. This teepee originally had painted details. For more, see this website. [map]

Tepee Trading Post
Lupton, AZ
The Tepee Trading Post building is about 66 feet tall. It is a souvenir store that has been here for decades. In recent years, it was painted bright yellow and known as the Tomahawk Trading Post. In 2006 when both of the photos above were taken, the building was covered with siding. The photo on the far right shows a much smaller, photo-op teepee on the property. For more, see this website. [first photo thanks Glenda Campbell] [map]

Tucson, AZ
Teepees [gone]
Seligman, AZ
The Teepee in Tucson is located at Tucson Mineral and Gem World. [map]

These three wooden Teepees in Seligman stood in front of a U-Haul dealer. The paint had deteriorated considerably between the first photo from 2006 and the second photo from 2012. By 2018, the Teepees were gone. Does anyone know more about these teepees? For more, see this website.

Crystal Forest Museum & Gift Shop
Holbrook, AZ
These teepees are located next to the Crystal Forest Museum & Gift Shop at the southern entrance to the Petrified Forest National Park. There are also several dinosaurs here. [map]

Painted Desert Indian Center
Holbrook, AZ
Theses teepees are located at the Painted Desert Indian Center souvenir store. There are also dinosaur statues here. [map]

Geronimo Trading Post
Joseph City, AZ
The Geronimo Trading Post has a huge souvenir shop and about a dozen teepees. [map]

Holbrook, AZ
rest stop teepees
Holbrook, AZ
The teepees on the left are just off I-40.

These rest stop teepees appear to double as barbecue pits. They are located next to a closed trading post. [map]

Meteor City Trading Post
Winslow, AZ
The Meteor City Trading Post is housed in a dome and features several teepees. [map]

There were other teepees in Winslow at the Navajo and Topi Indian Arts & Crafts Center.

Howdy Hank's Trading Post
Joseph City, AZ
Howdy Hank's Trading Post was built in 1950 as the Hopi Village, a trading post souvenir shop. After Howdy Hank's, it became Sitting Bull's Indian Store. The building later housed a feed store. It now appears to be just a residence. [map]

Valley Center, CA
This pair of concrete Teepees in Valley Center is located on the property belonging to the former Rincon Chapel Assembly of God Church. I don't know when they were built or what they were used for. [map]

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