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Cup O' Chino [gone]
Bonsall, CA
2008: 2014:
The Cup O' Chino drive-thru coffee stand was shaped like a giant cup of cappuccino. It was built in 1995. By 2010, the stand had closed and was moved to the back of the property in storage. Another cup-like building with a protruding straw was also located on this back lot. I don't know where that one was located. Both appear to be gone now.

Espresso [gone]
Lake Isabella, CA
Perry's Cherry Diner [gone]
Green Bay, WI
Java J's (now Bristol BBQ)
Bristol, VA
Son-Rise Espresso had what appeared to be an iced latte made of trash cans. It was gone by 2021.

The former Perry's Cherry Diner featured a giant cup incorporated into its building. It was built around 2005 but closed the following year 2006. By 2009, the building was demolished. The original Perry's Cherry Diner in Sturgeon Bay, WI is also closed. It did not have a giant cup.

Java J's features another modern giant cup. This drive-thru location opened in 2007. Around 2012, Java J's closed and Bristol BBQ had taken its place. The giant cup is still on the building and has been repainted. [map]

Foxtail Coffee Co.
Orlando, FL
Caffeination Station
Great Falls, MT
Dillanos Coffee
Roasters Cup
Sumner, WA
former Dillanos Coffee
Roasters Cup [gone]
Seattle, WA
The Foxtail Coffee Co. Cup was installed in 2020. [map]

The Caffeination Station Cup was installed around 2011 for Double Shot Junction, aka One & Ten Coffee Co. The name on the cup was changed to Caffeination Station around 2014. [map]

The first Dillanos Coffee Roasters Cup shown above is installed inside Dillanos' production facility. It was originally built for the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA.

The second Dillanos Coffee Roasters Cup shown above was made for a customer in Seattle. The cup had been installed on a pole at Short Stop Coffee since at least 2007. The cup still had the Dillanos label and a straw. In 2013, the business became the Way Station Coffee Co. and the cup was repainted and the straw was removed. In 2014, the business moved a block away. The cup was repainted and was moved to the roof. By 2018, the coffee shop had closed and the building was housing the Seattle Biscuit Company. The cup is gone.

Lily-Tulip Corporation [gone]
Springfield, MO
Dixie Cup
Lexington, KY
The Lily-Tulip Corporation headquarters was built in 1952. It had an entry shaped like a giant cup with a straw. In 1989, the company became the Sweetheart Cup Company. In 2004, it was bought out by the Solo Cup Co. The plant closed in 2011 but the cup was still there. In 2015, the building was renovated for a new tenant and the giant cup was demolished. For more, see this website.

The Dixie Cup water tower in Lexington was erected here in 1958. Georgia-Pacific Corporation operates on the property now but this tower retains the Dixie Cup label. [map]

Solo Cup Company
Augusta, GA


This Solo Cup Company building was built in 1947 for the Lily-Tulip Corporation. The building went through the same sequence of company names as the one described above in Springfield, MO. In 2012, the name was changed to Dart Container Corporation and "DART" replaced "SOLO" on the giant cup. The building has been vacant since 2019. Around 2023, it was repainted to read "Augusta Cup." [map]

Lily-Tulip Cup
Riverside, CA
2008: 2013:
This Lily-Tulip Cup stands in front of the former Lily-Tulip Cup plant. It is about 30 feet tall. It appears to stand in the middle of a non-operating fountain. The plant was built in 1958 and the cup was probably built at that time. The concrete cup was painted white around 2012. [map]

Lily-Tulip Cup [gone]
Toronto, ON
This former Lily-Tulip Cup building was nearly identical to the ones in Springfield, MO and Augusta, GA shown above. This cup was originally painted white. This photo was taken in 2007. Lily-Tulip, later Solo Cup, had moved to another location and this building was being used by multiple tenants at that time. In 2010, this building was demolished. For more, see this website.

Dixie Cup Water Tower
Easton, PA
The Dixie Cup Water Tower is on the roof of the former Dixie Cup factory. The factory opened in 1921 and closed in 1983. It was later used as a warehouse. There are plans to turn the building into the Dixie Commons with apartments, offices, and retail space. The water tower will be refurbished. The original Dixie Cup water tower from the 1920s is slightly different from the one that is there today. [two top photos thanks to Clint Newton] [map]

Coca-Cola Cup
Sacramento, CA
2008: 2014:
This giant Coca-Cola Cup was installed in 1996 in front of this Coca-Cola bottling plant. After Coca-Cola's botched recipe change and name change to New Coke in 1985, it began labeling its products as "Classic Coke". Between 2009 and 2011, it dropped the "Classic" from its labels. This cup was repainted for the switch. [map]

Milkshake Cup
Garden City, UT
Clermont, FL
Cherry Limeade Cup
Anson, TX
Tervis Tumbler
North Venice, FL
Giant Pint
Glass of Beer
Las Vegas, NV
The Milkshake Cup is located at La Beau's Drive-in. This walk-up stand features raspberry milkshakes. The sign has been here since at least 1981. It is probably from the 1960s or 1970s. [map]

The Creamsicle Slush is located at the Showcase of Citrus. It was installed there around 2019. [map]

This giant Cherry Limeade cup is installed at Hatahoe Fish & Chick. The first Hatahoe Drive-in opened in Roby, TX in 1963. There were other locations in Hamlin, TX and Haskell, TX. There might have been others. This location was here by the early 1970s and it is the only one left. The sign originally had neon. [map]

Tervis Tumbler's headquarters features a two-story tall entrance representing their drinking glass. It was built in 2005. [map]

The 80-foot-tall Giant Pint Glass of Beer is part of the facade at Hennessey's Tavern. It was a lighter color and had bubbles until around 2017. It advertised for Bass ale then. Hennessey's opened in 1976 and this giant glass might be from then. [map]

Solo Cup
Miami, FL
This giant Solo Cup is entitled "Jokester 2." The 10-foot-long sculpture was installed in 2018. It was built by Paula Crown as a statement about the impact of single-use plastic waste on our environment. [map]

More Cups & Glasses:
Coffee Cup (Homer, AK) [map]
Glass of Tea (Tuscaloosa, AL) [gone]
Coffee Cup (Denver, CO)
Coca-Cola Cup (Orlando, FL)
Orange Juice Glass (various cities, FL) [gone?]
Coffee Cup (Kentwood, MI)
Drink Cup (Cape, Girardeau, MO)
Stein (Glendive, MT)
Drink Cup (King, NC)
Coffee Cup (Kearny, NJ) [vintage; gone]
Teacups (Wildwood, NJ)
Coffee Cup (Troy, NY)
Coffee Cup (Berlin, OH)
Coffee Cup (Sharon, PA)
Coffee Cup (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Jar of Sweet Tea (Summerville, SC)
Coffee Cup (Seymour, TN)
Drink Cup (Tooele, UT) [gone]
Coffee Cup (Milwaukee, WI)
Coffee Cup (Caracas, Venezuela)

I don't believe this patented coffee cup was ever built.

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