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John Cerney has been creating these larger than life, painted plywood figures since 1995. The earliest of these are heroic tributes to farmers and field workers near Cerney's hometown of Salinas, CA. Over the years, he has been commissioned to create hundreds of "cut-out murals" for display around the country. The figures are roughly 18 feet tall and depict real people. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Toppy Vegetables
Salinas, CA
Salinas Rodeo
Salinas, CA
Foxy Fresh Produce
Salinas, CA
2008: 2013:

The Farm
Salinas, CA

Abbott Street Auto Body
Salinas, CA

Artistic Hangups
Salinas, CA

Treasure Map
Salinas, CA

Springfield Farm
Moss Landing, CA

The Farm was created in 1995. The figures were repainted in 2002.

The Abbott Street Auto Body group was built in 2000.

The Artistic Hangups installation was created in 1997 and was originally installed near Dunlap, IA. The largest figure is about 16 feet tall. The man is hanging a painting of an Iowa landscape. It was replaced with a new installation ("Little Girl with Torn Teddy Bear and Dalmatian" shown on the next page). The Artistic Hangups group was moved to a picture frame shop in Salinas, CA.

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