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Razorback Hog
Alma, AR
This Razorback Hog sign is a reference to the University of Arkansas sports teams' mascot. This sign once advertised for Razorback Salvage and has been here at least 20 years. The property is now owned by Russell Auto Group. [map]

Pizza Parlour
Alma, AR
Pizza Parlour
Van Buren, AR
The Pizza Parlour in Alma opened in 1972 as the third location. This sign appears to be from then. The clown panel on the right was designed to revolve. [map]

The Pizza Parlour in Van Buren was the first location built. It has the same sign and building design as the Alma location. The sign's plastic balls were gone by 2007. The text panels were badly damaged in 2021. [map]

The second location built in Fort Smith, AR is still operating. However, the sign was replaced by 2017 with a modern sign.

More Alma Signs:
Coleman Pharmacy

Lake Atkins [gone]
Atkins, AR
Pines Motel
Bentonville, AR
Berryville, AR
The Lake Atkins sign featured an add-on fish. This photo is from 2008. The sign was still there in 2014 but gone by 2019.

The Pines Motel sign appears to be from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

This IOOF, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, sign might be from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

Discount Jewelers [gone]
Blytheville, AR
New York Store
Blytheville, AR
Crystal River Court
Cave City, AR
Katz Discount Jewelers was closed and the building was vacant when this photo was taken in 2007. The sign was gone by 2009.

The New York Store sells women's clothing. The store has been there since at least 1945. This sign might be from then. [map]

The Crystal River Court, aka the Crystal River Tourist Camp, was built in 1934. The text sign may be from then. The Indian sign appears to be from later. Patched holes indicate that they both had neon originally. [map]

Bull Shoals Signs:
Mar Mar Resort

Clarksville Signs:
Rose Motel [vintage; gone]

June's Cafe
Clinton, AR
Mauldin's Heating & Cooling [gone]
Conway, AR
Frigidaire [gone]
Conway, AR
June's Cafe opened in 1946. This sign is probably from then. [map]

This Carrier vacuum form sign at Mauldin's Heating & Cooling is probably from the 1960s. These signs were mass-produced but very few are left on public display. This sign was still there in 2019 but gone by 2021.

This Frigidaire sign was installed at Kordsmeier Furniture and Appliance. This company was established in 1924. The store closed in 2017 and the sign was removed.

More Clinton Signs:
General Electric

De Queen Country Club & Lodge
De Queen, AR
El Dorado, AR
The De Queen Country Club & Lodge sign appears to be from the 1960s. The plastic balls were evidently painted to look like golf balls originally. The original text panels must have been replaced in recent years. [map]

The Mobilgas is installed on the roof of the Laredo Grill. I don't know if it is vintage or a reproduction. The sign has been there since at least 2008. [map]

Palace Hotel
Eureka Springs, AR
Joy Motel
Eureka Springs, AR
Hart's Family Center
Eureka Springs, AR
Eureka Springs, AR
The Palace Hotel was built in 1901. This sign was supposed added in the 1940s but it looks older than that, possibly late 1920s or 1930s. According to the Palace's website, this was the first neon sign installed west of the Mississippi River. If that was in the 1940s, there were already lots of signs in the Western U.S. It seems much more likely that California had the first neon sign. Another anecdote on-line says that "Mr. George" (most likely, meaning Georges Claude) built the sign and shipped it from France to Eureka Springs by ship and rail. That sounds extremely unlikely. A vintage photograph shows that the sign was originally black or a very dark color. For more, see this website. [map]

The Joy Motel was built in 1929 as Camp Joy. This sign might be from 1960. At some point, this sign was moved closer to the motel rooms and replaced with a plastic sign. The motel is now known as the Wanderoo Lodge but this sign remains. For more, see this website. [map]

The Hart's Family Center was established in 1974 and this sign appears to be from then. [map]

This Kodak film box sign hangs in front of the T-Shirt Emporium. It has been there since at least 2008. These signs were mass-produced but only a few are left on public display now. [map]

More Eureka Springs Signs:
Bluebird Lodge & Cottages [gone]
Onyx Cave

Sit & Spin
Fayetteville, AR
Hawkins Company
Fort Smith, AR
Burn's Carousel
of Flowers
Fort Smith, AR
Guaranty Abstract
& Title Co.
Fort Smith, AR
The Sit & Spin Laundromat opened in 2017. This sign was built and installed then. For more, see this website. [map]

The Hawkins Company had been around since 1947. This sign is probably from then. By 2013, the company had moved and merged with another company. The building was vacant until around 2018. It now houses the Revamp'd by Designer Again thrift store. This sign remains. [map]

The Burn's Carousel of Flowers store is long gone but this sign remains. It appears to be from the 1950s or earlier. [map]

The Guaranty Abstract & Title Co. sign appears to be from the 1950s or possibly earlier. From the unusual and modern mounting of the sign between two square poles, I would guess that the company moved to this location and brought this sign with them. [map]

White Spot
Cafe [gone]
Fort Smith, AR
The White Spot Cafe opened in the early 1950s. It became Skinny's White Spot Cafe around 2008. That part of the sign was added then. The restaurant closed in 2015. In 2017, the Burrito Bowl moved into the building. The sign was adapted with the neon removed. For more, see this website.

Johnston's Quality Flowers
Fort Smith, AR
Johnston's Quality Flowers opened in 1916. These signs might be from the 1950s. [map]

Swan Motel
Fort Smith, AR
2008: 2012:
The Swan Motel had a 1950s-looking, all neon sign previously with a much larger swan. It was probably replaced with the combination plastic and neon sign in the 1960s. By 2012, the sign had been replaced with a plastic one and the arrow was gone.

More Fort Smith Signs:
Irish Maid Do-Nuts
Jack's Skateland
Laws Drug Store
Mr. Peanut
Stonewall Jackson Inn [vintage; gone]

Island [gone]
Garfield, AR
Gentry Motel
Gentry, AR
Backer's Variety
Gentry, AR
Holiday Island is a resort and retirement community. It was established in 1970 and this sign was probably from around then. This photo is from 2010. By 2016, only the top part of the golfer was still there. By 2017, the golfer was gone and the text part of the sign had been redone.

The Gentry Motel sign is probably from the 1960s. One of the plastic panels has been broken since at least 2016. [map]

The Backer's Variety store was located downtown. The sign is now displayed inside the Gentry Public Library's History Room. The sign is displayed with a couple of fake or stuffed pigeons for a humorous touch. The sign was donated to the collection around 2015. It might be from the 1940s or 1950s.

McKee Sewing Center
Green Forest, AR
2010: 2019:
I think the McKee Sewing Center was established in the mid-1980s. However, these signs appear much older than that. The man may have had a moving arm or leg originally. By 2013, the one-legged man was still there but the sewing machine sign was gone. By 2017, the man was gone. He was apparently removed, refurbished, and reinstalled. [map]

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