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former Galley Restaurant [gone]
Valdosta, GA
2010: 2020:

The Galley Restaurant building was vacant in 2010. By 2012, the top of the lighthouse-ish building had been transformed into flames for the Mongo restaurant. A couple of other restaurants occupied the building after that but the flames remained. In 2023, the lighthouse feature was removed.

Tanger Outlets
Pooler, GA
Atlantic National Bank
St. Simons Island, GA
The 100-foot-tall lighthouse in Pooler is located in the Tanger Outlets shopping center. It was built around 2014 and is meant to resemble the Tybee Island Lighthouse. [map]

This building in St. Simons Island with the lighthouse projecting from the roof has housed an Atlantic National Bank since at least 2007. In 1990, it was housing a Coastal Bank. Does anyone know when this building was built? For more, see this website. [map]

Storm Lake, IA
Lighthouse Rescue
Mission [gone]
Nampa, ID
The Lighthouse in Storm Lake was built in 1992. It is about 36 feet tall and has a flashing white light. [map]

The lighthouse in Nampa was home to the Lighthouse Rescue Mission. I believe it was built in the mid-1990s. In 2013, the organization moved to a new location and it was announced that this building will be demolished. It was gone in 2015.

Lighthouse Point
Yacht Club
Aurora, IN
Tabernacle [gone]
Crothersville, IN
Harbor Church
Shelburn, IN
The Lighthouse Point Yacht Club lighthouse appears to be a recent construction. [map]

This Lighthouse Tabernacle lighthouse in Crothersville was installed by the road in front of the church. The lighthouse was removed around 2020.

The lighthouse in Shelburn is located at the Soul's Harbor Church. [map]

Waterfront Plaza
Louisville, KY
Salina, KS
Waterfront Plaza features "Twin Lighthouses" with one on top of each identical tower. They were built in the early 1990s and are lit at night. They actually function as true lighthouses since they for orientation by airplanes. Heavy duty lighthouse grade equipment was used in their construction. The beacons are meticulously maintained. For more, see this website. [map]

The Lighthouse in Salina was built for Prairie Harbor Golf, a former Par 3 golf course. I believe it was built around 2005 but the business has been closed for many years. The lighthouse is only visible from I-70. [map]

Baptist Church
Monroe, LA
former Lighthouse for the Blind
New Orleans, LA
This lighthouse at the Lighthouse Baptist Church was built around 2008. It might be used for storage. [map]

The Lighthouse for the Blind remodeled this building in 1924 using the Milneburg Lighthouse as a model for the front. In 1948, the Lighthouse for the Blind moved out of the building. The Lighthouse Glass art gallery occupied this building for several years. The building is vacant now. [map]

Bass River Jolly Captain Condominiums
South Yarmouth, MA
The Bass River Jolly Captain Condominiums was originally the Jolly Captain Motor Lodge. The motel was built in 1960. The lighthouse contained the office, a cafeteria, and a few rooms. In the late 1980s, the property was converted into condos. These photos are from 2009. In 2010, the captain statue's head blew off in a storm. The rest of his body has been removed. [map]

Three Sisters Lighthouses
Eastham, MA
The Three Sisters Lighthouses were actually functional lighthouses but I'll include them anyway for their novelty. These three lighthouses were built for the Nauset Beach Light Station in 1838. In 1918, two of the lighthouses were sold and used as part of a summer cottage. In the 1920s, the remaining lighthouse became part of another summer cottage. The National Park Service purchased the lighthouses in 1965 and 1975. In 1983, they were moved to a site near their original location. They were positioned in their original configuration, about 150 feet apart. The restoration was completed in 1989. [map]

Poit's Lighthouse Mini Golf
North Eastham, MA
Lighthouse [gone]
Deerfield, MA
Poit's Lighthouse Mini Golf features a nautical theme. There are three lighthouses. The business opened in 1954. [map]

This Lighthouse in Deerfield served as a gas station office originally. It was built in the 1920s or 1930s. It was demolished in 2017. For more, see this website.

Christmas Tree Shops
Lynnfield, MA
Quincy, MA
American Lobster Mart
Bourne, MA
Welcome Gate
Wareham, MA
The Christmas Tree Shops started as a Cape Cod chain. They now have about 35 locations in the Northeast. Many of their stores were built to resemble barns and New England villages. This location has a lighthouse and fishing village theme. It was built to complement the ship-shaped restaurant nearby. [map]

The Lighthouse in Quincy was built by the Quincy Oil Company and there was a gas station on the lot originally. The property is now used by the Sprague Energy plant. [map]

The American Lobster Mart features a lighthouse-shaped restaurant and store. It closed around 2019. The property is now surrounded by chain link fencing. [map]

The Lighthouse in Wareham is part of a pair that mark the entrance to town. [map]

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Abbey Motel (North Attleboro) [vintage; gone]

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