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Boot Car
Burbank, CA (now Henderson, NV)
2012: 2018:
This Boot Car was located at Victor's Shoe Repair. It had been there since at least 2006. In 2018, the Boot Car was moved to the back of the parking lot where there were plans to restore it. It was painted with a primer coat but never got beyond that. It is now being restored by Quality Repair in Henderson where it will be displayed. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Boot Car [gone]
Los Angeles, CA
This Boot Car was located at Quality Shoes. It was built from a 1972 Honda 600. The car was painted green with orange laces in 1980. Quality Shoe Repair was established in 1973. The business moved to this location in 1975. This Boit Car was built in 1978 and was the first one. Four others were built after that. Three of them are now at the Henderson location (see below) which opened in 2007. I don't know what happened to the fifth Boot Car. These photos are from 2013. The Boot Car was moved inside the store around 2017. The store closed in 2020 and this Car was destroyed.

Boot Car
Henderson, NV



This Boot Car was originally located at the Quality Shoe Repair in Los Angeles (see above). It was moved to the Henderson location sometime after 2008. It is now located behind the store, waiting to be restored. In addition to this Boot Car, Quality Repair has a High Heel Shoe Car and a Stiletto Car. See this page for photos of them. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Shrimp Boots
Gray, LA
These Giant Shrimp Boots were installed in front of the Houma Area Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2018. They are nearly eight feet tall. [map]

Giant Boot
Santa Monica, CA
Giant Boot
Black Earth, WI
Red Wing Boot
Red Wing, MN
This Giant Boot in Santa Monica is installed above the entrance to a Dr. Martens shoe store. It appears to be about four feet tall. There is a similar boot at the company's store in London, England. [map]

This Giant Boot in Black Earth was installed on the roof of a van advertising for the Shoe Box shoe store across the street. I believe it represents a Red Wing boot. The van was gone by 2022 and this boot is now displayed in front of the store. [map]

This Red Wing Boot is believed to be the world's largest work boot. It is 20 feet long and 16 feet tall. It was made of the same materials as the company's actual boot. The Red Wing Shoe Company produced it in 2005 to commemorate its 100-year anniversary. The Boot is located inside the Red Wing Shoe Museum. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

L.L. Bean Boot
Freeport, ME
Giant Boot [gone]
Gibsonton, FL
This L.L. Bean Boot is 17 feet tall and is installed just outside the front door of their headquarters. It was built for their 90th anniversary in 2002. The classic "Maine Hunting Boot" was invented in 1912 and has been altered very little. There are many other giant Bean Boots at the company's other locations (see bottom of this page). In 2012, the company unveiled its new Bootmobile. [map]

The Giant Boot monument in Gibsonton is a tribute to Al Tomanini who, at over eight feet tall, was a sideshow giant. When he died in 1962, one of his real rubber boots was installed on a pedestal by his wife. That boot rotted away and this monument was installed in 2010 in the same location. Gibsonton was a retirement community for carnival workers. By 2022, the boot on top of the monument was gone. For more, see this website.

Cowboy Boot [gone]
Owensboro, KY
Cowboy Boot
Tucson, AZ
This Cowboy Boot in Owensboro is installed on the roof of Walters' Shoe Mart. These photos were taken in 2010. By 2012, the store had closed and the boot was gone.

This Cowboy Boot in Tucson is about 16 feet tall. It was created in 1976 for the Tack Room restaurant. The artist was Michael Kautza who also built the Bull and Matador and the Wine Bottle in Tucson. In 1983, the Boot was moved to its current location at the entrance to the Vactor Ranch residential community. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Cowboy Boot
Pendleton, OR
Cowboy Boot [gone]
Amarillo, TX
Cowboy Boots
San Antonio, TX
This Cowboy Boot in Pendleton is installed in front of Hamley's Western Store. It has been there since at least 2011. The mosaic depicts a cowboy on one side and an Indian on the other. It reads "Two Cultures, One Community." The Boot was installed as one of about 10 giant boots installed around town as part of the Boot Trail. This one is still there. [map]

This Cowboy Boot in Amarillo was located in front of the Big Texan Restaurant. The boot had been there since at least 2000. This photo is from 2011. The Boot was gone by 2012. For more, see this website.

These Cowboy Boots in San Antonio are both 40 feet tall by 35 feet wide. They were created by Bob "Daddy-O" Wade in 1979 for the Washington Project for the Arts in Washington, DC. In 1980, they were moved here to the North Star Mall. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Cowboy Boot
Colorado City, TX
2017: 2021:
This Cowboy Boot in Colorado City is installed in front of Wood's Boots. It appears to be made of concrete. It was repainted in 2019. [map]

Cowboy Boots
Cheyenne, WY

These eight feet tall Cowboy Boots were produced by local artists as part of a fundraising project for the Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation. 26 of these boots were installed in town in 2004. Most of them were auctioned off later that year. There are about a half dozen still scattered around town. For more, see this website. [map]

Cowboy Boots
Columbus, NE
Cowboy Boot
Oklahoma City, OK
These two Cowboy Boots in Columbus are installed at the T-Bone Truck Stop. They were probably from the same mold and, most likely, made at the same time, as the Giant Boots in Cheyenne, WY described above. These photos are from 2006. In 2019, the boots were washed away during flooding. They have since been returned and repainted. [map]

The Cowboy Boot in Oklahoma City has been installed on top of the sign at Tenner's Western Outfitters since at least 2007. [map]

Armando's Boot Co.
Raymondville, TX
Bootlegger Liquor
Granbury, TX
Cavender's Stock Yards
Fort Worth, TX
The giant boot at Armando's Boot Co. is installed on the store's roof. It appears to be from the same mold as those in Cheyenne, WY shown above. [map]

The giant boot at Bootlegger Liquor has been there since at least 2008. [map]

The giant boot at Cavender's Stock Yards is one of two at this location which opened in 2016. The Cavender's chain sells boots and Western wear. [map]

West of the Pecos Museum
Pecos, TX
Steppin' Out
Ada, OK
La Casa del Vaquero [gone]
Chicago, IL
This pair of cowboy boots in Pecos stand in front of the West of the Pecos Museum. They were installed sometime after 2015. This photo is from 2018. [map]

The boot at Steppin' Out has been there since at least 2013. [map]

La Casa del Vaquero in Chicago was a boots and Western clothing store. This photo is from 2006. By 2014, the giant boot was gone and the store was known as Dos De Oro Boots. This boot was probably a straight and smooth Justin boot originally (see below).

Cowboy Boot
Mitchell, SD
Justin Boot
Bakersfield, CA
Justin Boot [gone]
Talladega, AL
Justin Boot
Alexandria, LA
Justin Boot
Jackson, MS
The Cowboy Boot in Mitchell is located at the Merchandise Outlet Store which sells Western wear. The store moved across the street around 2019 and the boot was reinstalled there. [map]

The Justin Boot is a common advertising device used nationwide. I believe they are still being produced. The one in Bakersfield looks brand new while the one in Talladega was weathered. The boot in Talladega is gone now. The Bakersfield boot is at the Western Emporium Store. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. [Talladega photo thanks Tim Ross] [Bakersfield map]

The Justin Boot in Alexandria is located at the AA Western Store. It was made from the same mold as those shown in the previous two rows rather than the smooth type. [map]

The Justin Boot in Jackson is installed at Boots & More. It has been there since at least 2007. [map]

Boot [gone]
Clovis, NM
Tony Lama Boot
Black Earth, WI
Tony Lama Boot [gone]
Oak Grove, OR
Tony Lama Boot
Eureka, CA
Justin Boot & Tony Lama Boot
Jasper, GA
The Boot in Clovis was installed above Sasser's Boot & Shoe Repair. This photo is from 2012. The store and boot are gone now. It appeared to be a former Justin or Tony Lama Boot. However, it didn't have the bulge for either company's logo.

This Tony Lama Boot in Black Earth stands in front of the Shoe Box shoe store. There are two of them and a work boot. [photo thanks Mark Comstock] [map]

This Tony Lama Boot in Oak Grove was another modern statue. It was installed at Centerville Western Wear. This photo is from 2015. By 2018, the store had closed and the Boot was gone.

This Tony Lama Boot in Eureka has been installed in front of Great Western Clothing since at least 2007. The name has been painted over since at least then. [map]

The Justin Boot & Tony Lama Boot in Jasper advertise for Sackett's Western Wear. The sign and boots have been there since at least 2007. [map]

Cowboy Boot & Hat
Garner, NC
Giant Spur
Abilene, KS
Giant Spur
Phoenix, AZ
Giant Spur
Lampasas, TX
The Cowboy Boot & Hat in Garner are installed on a trailer in front of the Country Connection, a Western clothes store. [map]

The Giant Spur in Abilene is located at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds. It is about 27 feet tall. The top part of this spur spins in the wind. [map]

The Giant Spur in Phoenix serves as an entrance to the Stockyards Restaurant building. [map]

The Giant Spur in Lampasas is 35 feet tall. It was installed at Texas Real Estate Sales in 2016. It was built in Cherokee, TX by Wayland Dobbs. The rowel is motorized and spins. The spur is outlined with LED tubing and is lit at night. [map]

Giant Spur
Canadian, TX
Giant Spurs
Gainesville, TX
The Giant Spur in Canadian was installed in Sunset Park around 2003. It was created by Kerry Westbrook. [map]

These Giant Spurs in Gainesville are installed in front of RT Bit and Spur. They have been there since at least 2008. [map]

Giant Spurs [gone]
Wickenburg, AZ
These two Giant Spurs were 28 feet long and 14 feet tall. The rowels were eight feet tall. They were made of steel with aluminum scrollwork. They were installed in a traffic circle in 2015. They were commissioned by Shea Homes Trilogy at Wickenburg Ranch and built by BearCat Manufacturing. In 2021, the Spurs were hit by a tractor trailer and damaged a bit. They have been removed but might be installed elsewhere in town later.

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