B&K Root Beer Stands

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The B&K chain was founded in the mid-1940s in Michigan City, IN. There were 238 B&K locations around Indiana at one time. The remaining ones are now all independently operated.

B&K Drive-in
Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH
This B&K Drive-in was built in 1955. It originally had a neon mug sign. [map]

B&K Drive-in
Wilbeth Rd.
Akron, OH
B&K Drive-in
Van Wert, OH
The B&K Drive-in in Akron appeared to be from the 1950s. The place was closed in 2018. [map]

The B&K Drive-in in Van Wert opened around 1955. The neon sign is lit at night. For more, see this website. [map]

B&K Drive-in
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
This B&K Drive-in has been around since at least 1961. It probably opened in the 1950s. [map]

BK Root Beer Drive-in
Sidney, OH
The B&K Root Beer Drive-in is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Alexandria, IN
The B&K Root Beer has car hops and still serves root beer in glass mugs. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Muncie, IN
This B&K Root Beer was closed from in 2005-2009. It had reopened by the time of these photos in 2010. By 2013, it was vacant again but it was back operating in 2014. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Gas City, IN
This B&K Root Beer has an extra long canopy and still features car hops. [map]

Barker's B&K Root Beer
Kokomo, IN

Rupert's B&K Root Beer
Kokomo, IN
Kokomo has two B&K Root Beer locations: Barker's and Rupert's. The Rupert's B&K features the same style neon mug sign as the one in Van Wert above but mounted on the roof rather than a pole. I don't know of any other B&K neon mugs. [Barker's map]; [Rupert's map]

B&K Root Beer West
Logansport, IN

B&K Root Beer East [gone]
Logansport, IN
There were two B&K Root Beer locations in Logansport, at opposite ends of town. The B&K Root Beer West was originally an A&W. The plastic panel on the top of the sign was probably neon originally like the smaller panels below it. This stand was never part of the B&K stand. The initials stood for the owners' names: Brenda and Kim. [map]

The photo of the B&K Root Beer East location is from 2009. The building was demolished in 2018.

West End B&K Root Beer
Peru, IN
The West End B&K Root Beer is the only location that I know of with a neon hot dog on top of its sign. [map]

B&K Root Beer
South Broadway
Peru, IN
This B&K Root Beer appears to be from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

Waddle Sugar Shack
Mentone, IN
This B&K Root Beer opened in 1960. It also went by the name of Waddle Sugar Shack. This photo is from 2009. In 2015, the place was closed and for sale. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Marion, IN
This B&K Root Beer offers car hops and an indoor dining area. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Rochester, IN
This B&K Root Beer has an oval sign which I have not seen elsewhere. It's too wide to have been an A&W sign. [map]

Dwyer's B&K Root Beer (now Moyer's Cruise-in)
Silver Lake, IN
Dwyer's B&K Root Beer featured a simple canopy and unique plastic signs. Since 2016, the place has been operating as Moyer's Cruise-in. The BK sign is gone. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Wabash, IN
This B&K Root Beer features a classic drive-in canopy and walk-up window. [map]

Port Drive-in
Chesterton, IN
The Port Drive-in features a plastic B&K mug on their roof. I have not seen another one like it. This drive-in opened in 1953 as Studman's. In 1957, it was renamed the Snack Shack. It became the Port Drive-in sometime after that. I don't know if this place was associated with B&K from the beginning or not. It appears one of the drive-thru canopies was converted into an indoor dining area. [map]

Bummie's B&K Drive-in
Bluffton, IN
Bummie's B&K Drive-in opened in 1962. They still have car hops. This sign features an arrow like the one at the Chesterton stand above. Apparently, A&W used these arrows as well. This may have been an A&W originally or, if not, an A&W sign may have been adapted for this one. [map]

former B&K Root Beer
Coldwater, MI
This former B&K Root Beer stand was built in 1955. It housed Allen's Root Beer Drive-in since around 1980. These photos are from 2011. In 2013, this stand had become Short's Drive-in. [map]

Root Beer Drive-in
Wadsworth, OH
former drive-in [gone]
Kokomo, IN
The canopy supports at the Root Beer Drive-in look like inverted versions of those at Allen's Root Beer described above. I'm told that this was originally an A&W and that it became a B&K later. [map]

This former drive-in canopy might have been owned by the restaurant next door, visible at the left. However, that building now houses a pawn shop. The canopy looked very similar to the one in Wadsworth. Does anyone know if this was ever a B&K, A&W, or what business was here originally? By 2013, this canopy was gone.

More B&K Root Beer Stands:
Huntington, IN [open]
Indianapolis, IN [open; now Mel's Drive-in]
Knox, IN
Lafayette, IN [now A-One Auto Sales]
Medaryville, IN [was Paulie's Dogs & Beef; now closed]
Mishawaka, IN [open]
Monticello, IN [open]
Warsaw, IN [closed]
Cuyahoga Falls, OH [gone]
Orrville, OH [closed]
Piqua, OH
Troy, OH [open]

If anyone knows the status of these, has photos, or knows of others, I'd appreciate the info.

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