B&K Root Beer Stands

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The B&K chain was founded in the mid-1940s in Michigan City, IN. There were 238 B&K locations around Indiana at one time. The remaining ones are now all independently operated.

B&K Drive-in
Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH
This B&K Drive-in was built in 1955. It originally had a neon mug sign. [map]

B&K Drive-in [gone]
Wilbeth Rd.
Akron, OH
B&K Drive-in
Van Wert, OH
The B&K Drive-in in Akron appeared to be from the 1950s. The place was closed in 2018. By 2023, the building had been demolished and a new building was going up at the site.

The B&K Drive-in in Van Wert opened around 1955. The neon sign is lit at night. For more, see this website. [map]

B&K Drive-in
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
This B&K Drive-in has been around since at least 1961. It probably opened in the 1950s. [map]

BK Root Beer Drive-in
Sidney, OH
The B&K Root Beer Drive-in is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Alexandria, IN
The B&K Root Beer has car hops and still serves root beer in glass mugs. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Muncie, IN
This B&K Root Beer was closed from in 2005-2009. It had reopened by the time of these photos in 2010. By 2013, it was vacant again but it was back operating in 2014. It has closed again. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Gas City, IN
This B&K Root Beer has an extra-long canopy and still features car hops. [map]

Barker's B&K Root Beer
Kokomo, IN

Rupert's B&K Root Beer
Kokomo, IN
Kokomo has two B&K Root Beer locations: Barker's and Rupert's. The Rupert's B&K features the same style neon mug sign as the one in Van Wert above but mounted on the roof rather than a pole. I don't know of any other B&K neon mugs. [Barker's map]; [Rupert's map]

B&K Root Beer West
Logansport, IN

B&K Root Beer East [gone]
Logansport, IN
There were two B&K Root Beer locations in Logansport, at opposite ends of town. The B&K Root Beer West was originally an A&W. The plastic panel on the top of the sign was probably neon originally like the smaller panels below it. This stand was never part of the B&K stand. The initials stood for the owners' names: Brenda and Kim. [map]

The photo of the B&K Root Beer East location is from 2009. The building was demolished in 2018.

West End B&K Root Beer [gone]
Peru, IN
The West End B&K Root Beer was the only location that I know of with a neon hot dog on top of its sign. This location was demolished in 2019. I don't know if the sign was saved.

B&K Root Beer
South Broadway
Peru, IN
This B&K Root Beer appears to be from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

Waddle Sugar Shack
Mentone, IN
This B&K Root Beer opened in 1960. It also went by the name of Waddle Sugar Shack. This photo is from 2009. In 2015, the place was closed and for sale. By 2018, it had reopened. It is now known as the Mentone B&K. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Marion, IN
This B&K Root Beer offers car hops and an indoor dining area. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Rochester, IN
This B&K Root Beer has an oval sign which I have not seen elsewhere. It's too wide to have been an A&W sign. [map]

former Dwyer's B&K Root Beer
Silver Lake, IN
Dwyer's B&K Root Beer featured a simple canopy and unique plastic signs. These photos are from 2010. Around 2016, the place began operating as Moyer's Cruise-in. The BK sign was gone. Around 2019, it was renamed Silver Lake BK Root Beer and new BK signs were installed. I believe it is closed again. [map]

B&K Root Beer
Wabash, IN
This B&K Root Beer features a classic drive-in canopy and walk-up window. [map]

Port Drive-in
Chesterton, IN
The Port Drive-in features a plastic B&K mug on their roof. I have not seen another one like it. This drive-in opened in 1953 as Studman's. In 1957, it was renamed the Snack Shack. It became the Port Drive-in sometime after that. I don't know if this place was associated with B&K from the beginning or not. It appears one of the drive-thru canopies was converted into an indoor dining area. [map]

Bummie's B&K Drive-in
Bluffton, IN
Bummie's B&K Drive-in opened in 1962. They still have car hops. The sign featured an arrow like the one at the Chesterton stand above. The sign at Bummie's was gone by 2019. Apparently, A&W used these arrows as well. This may have been an A&W originally or, if not, an A&W sign may have been adapted for this one. [map]

former B&K Root Beer
Coldwater, MI
This former B&K Root Beer stand was built in 1955. It housed Allen's Root Beer Drive-in since around 1980. These photos are from 2011. In 2013, this stand had become Short's Drive-in. [map]

Root Beer Drive-in
Wadsworth, OH
former drive-in [gone]
Kokomo, IN
The canopy supports at the Root Beer Drive-in look like inverted versions of those at Allen's Root Beer described above. I'm told that this was originally an A&W and that it became a B&K later. This location has been closed since around 2022. [map]

This former drive-in canopy might have been owned by the restaurant next door, visible at the left. However, that building now houses a pawn shop. The canopy looked very similar to the one in Wadsworth. Does anyone know if this was ever a B&K, A&W, or what business was here originally? By 2013, this canopy was gone.

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