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Dog n Suds Drive-in
Ingleside, IL
This Dog n Suds was built in 1967. [map]

former Dog n Suds Drive-in
Loves Park, IL
This Dog n Suds opened in 1968. At some point, the restaurant closed. The building housed a car lot and video store from 1997-2006. In 2006, it returned to operation as a Dog n Suds. By 2012, the business was closed again. The sign has been removed. In 2014, the building and canopy were repurposed for Molly's Deli. [map]

Dog n Suds Drive-in
Paragould, AR
This Dog n Suds Drive-in is another old location with the original canopy and sign. The canopy has been boxed up and no longer has the red plastic "Root Beer" lettering. The Char-Co Burger part of this pole sign was evidently not unique. There are others in Alsip, IL (see next page) and Columbus (below). [map]

former Dog n Suds Drive-in
Columbus, OH
This Dog n Suds Drive-in looked like this originally. I have not seen a Dog n Suds with a secondary canopy like this. From the vintage photo, it was clearly there from the beginning. I believe this location opened in 1960. The Char-Co Burgers sign panel was changed to Texas Bar-B-Cue when the building was occupied by Yoho's. The building last housed the Mogadishu Internet Cafe. The building is vacant now. In 2020, the neon sign panel was removed. It is now in a private collection. The frame above it was also removed. [map]

Dog n Suds Drive-in
Elyria, OH
This Dog n Suds Drive-in opened in 1966. [map]

Dog n Suds Drive-in
Cherokee Pass, MO
This Dog n Suds Drive-in was the last location left in Missouri. It closed in 2017. It appears to be from the 1960s. In 2020, there were plans to demolish the building. [map]

Dog n Suds Drive-in
Lafayette, IN
This Dog n Suds Drive-in opened in 1956. However, this canopy looks new. [map]

Dog n Suds Drive-in
West Lafayette, IN
This Dog n Suds Drive-in was built in 2005. This sign is also new. The dog faces right and the arrow uses neon instead of bulbs. For more, see this website. [map]

Hum-Dinger Drive-in
Kansas City, MO
The Hum-Dinger Drive-in is a former Dog n Suds. The canopy has been walled up to create interior space. The sign has been reworked with the dog's head changed to a man's head. The hot dog and root beer mug are now what appears to be fried chicken and French fries. I don't believe the sign is lit at night. [map]

Auto Exchange
McHenry, IL

Jenk's Pizza
Dale, IN

Witter-Davis Furniture [gone]
Springville, NY
McHenry Auto Exchange has adapted a Dog n Suds Drive-in sign and canopy. [map]

Jenk's Pizza also has adapted Dog n Suds Drive-in signs. This photo is from 2010. By 2012, the sign had been repainted and the name was lit with neon. The building and canopy are long gone. [map]

This Witter-Davis Furniture had an adapted Dog n Suds Drive-in sign. I don't know if there were any locations built in New York. This sign was still there in 2014 but gone by 2018.

former Dog n Suds
Lakeland, FL


This former Dog n Suds was built in 1957. It was adapted for Harry's Restaurant around 1977. By 2016, there was a used car dealership at the location. The sign was still there but had been painted red with no text. The remodeled canopy remains. [map]

Train Diner
Midland, SD
former Dog n Suds Drive-in
Elkhorn, WI
The Train Diner sign at the Original 1800 Town tourist attraction is a repurposed Dog n Suds Drive-in sign.

This former Dog n Suds Drive-in in Elkhorn now houses Annie's Burger Town. [map]

Coney Hut Drive Inn
Jonesville, MI
The Coney Hut Drive Inn moved into this former Dog n Suds in the late 1970s. This drive-in still features car hops. [map]

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