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Headquarters [gone]
Salina, KS
Thoroughbred Lounge
Louisville, KY
Las Cruces, NM
Coachella, CA
The horse at Horsemen's Headquarters appeared to be an Arabian. This photo is from 2010. By 2018, the horse and business were gone.

The Thoroughbred Lounge features two of these horse and jockey pairs on the roof. [map]

The Horse in Las Cruces is installed in front of a closed saddlery shop. The sign pole appears to be from a former Phillips 66 station. [map]

The Horse in Coachella has been standing in front of The Feed Lot since at least 2016. [map]

Equine Gatherings [gone]
Metamora, MI
Horse and Cow [gone]
Skokie, IL
This horses shown in this row are the most common. The model was first produced by Prewitt Fiberglass Animals around 1961 to help sell his fiberglass trailers. The original statue which was used to make the mold was created by Gladys Brown. Prewitt's trailers never caught on but the horses were very popular. In 1961, the statues were selling for $295. They were shipped unpainted so that the owner could choose their preferred color and markings. Prewitt sold thousands of these statues. Around 1963, International Fiberglass purchased Prewitt's company and began using the same molds.

Equine Gatherings, a tack shop, featured a handprint-covered fiberglass horse. This photo is from 2008. By 2016, the horse was gone. [photo thanks Mark Comstock]

This fiberglass Horse and Cow stood in front of Levy Venture Management. The statues were still there in 2018. By 2019, the business was gone and so were the statues.

Charles Town, WV
Merrill, WI
This Horse in Charles Town is installed on top of the porte-cochere of the Turf Motel. [map]

These Horses in Merrill are installed at a ranch and/or dairy farm. [map]

Horses [gone]
Prescott, AZ
Horse and Carriage
San Jose, CA
These two Horses in Prescott were installed on the roof of Savoini's Western Wear. The store opened in 1963. The statues had been there since at least 2008 and might even have been installed in the 1960s. The store closed in 2017 and the horses are gone now.

This Horse and Carriage in San Jose was installed on the roof of the Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership in 1969. For more, see this website. [map]

Silver Saddle Motel
North Hollywood, CA
Sue's Tack Shop
Benton, AR
The horse at the Silver Saddle Motel is installed on the office roof. [map]

Sue's Tack Shop had several horses on display including this one installed on a pole and the other which has a unicorn horn. By 2023, the unicorn seemed to be gone and the horse on the pole had been painted black and white. [map]

Centerville Western Wear [gone]
Oak Grove, OR
former Pony Soldier
Motor Hotel
Flagstaff, AZ
Health International
Twin Falls, ID
Centerville Western Wear featured this Palomino Quarter Horse on the roof. By 2018, the store had closed and the statue was gone.

The Pony Soldier Motor Hotel opened in 1962. There was a cow and a horse there in the 1960s. The cow is gone but this may be the same horse. The motel has been operated by Best Western since at least the late 1970s. This horse has a painted mane. For more, see this website. [map]

The horse in Twin Falls projects from the roof of Animal Health International. It has been there since at least 2012 when the business was known as Walco International. [map]

Norman's Ranch
& Sports Wear
Havre, MT
Western Shop
Rupert, ID
Green Horse
Night Club
Inglewood, CA
Bray's Saddlery
& Western Wear
Minot, ND
High Horse Inn
Naturita, CO
Norman's Ranch & Sports Wear opened in 1960. This horse may have been installed on the canopy then. [map]

Hoggan's Western Shop opened in 1956. The store closed in 1976. The business continues at the same location as Hoggan's Custom Canvas & Leather now. This sign and statue remain installed over the store. [map]

The Green Horse Night Club opened in 1958. [map]

Bray's Saddlery & Western Wear opened in 1927 as a shoe repair shop. This statue is believed to have been installed on the canopy in the mid-1970s. [map]

At first glance, this horse at the High Horse Inn appears to be made from the same mold as the others here but there are enough differences that I don't believe it was. It was installed there sometime after 2016. [map]

Jedlicka's Saddlery [gone]
Santa Barbara, CA
Jedlicka's Saddlery
Los Olivos, CA
Christesen's Western
& English Saddlery [gone]
Pleasanton, CA
Lamas Western Wear
San Jose, CA
Hardware [gone]
Kissimmee, FL
The horse at Jedlicka's Saddlery in Santa Barbara originally had a saddle and bridle. The horse at the Los Olivos location has a more modern looking horse. Both statues are wheeled in and out of the store each day. In 2019, the Santa Barbara location closed. I don't know what happened with the statue. The Los Olivos store is still open. [map]

This horse at Christesen's Western & English Saddlery was also installed on a base with wheels for outside daytime display. The store closed in 2021 and the horse is gone.

This horse at Lamas Western Wear is stationed in front of the building during the day. For more, see this website. [map]

The horse at Makinson's Hardware was one of two statues purchased from a racetrack in the 1950s. One was destroyed in a car accident. According to another story, the statue was originally purchased in the late 1930s from the Hialeah Park Rack Track. The 1950s date is more likely since the statue appears to be fiberglass. The head shape and mane as well as the statue's lack of muscles probably indicate that it was not made from the classic Prewitt/International Fiberglass left-leg forward mold. In addition to selling hardware, the store was also a saddle shop and sporting goods store. Despite the wheels, I don't believe this statue had been moved in front of the store during operating hours since around 2008. The store closed in 2022 and this statue is gone.

Rittel's Western Wear
Abilene, KS
F.M. Light & Sons
Steamboat Springs, CO
The horse at Rittel's Western Wear has been installed on top of the sign since 2008 and has probably been there a lot longer than that. The store opened in 1970 and the statue might be from then. [map]

The horse at F.M. Light & Sons is named Lightning. It was supposedly installed in 1949 but these statues were not built until around 1961. He is rolled out in front of the store when it is open. The statue was restored by Doc's Auto Clinic in 2016. [map]

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