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Ochopee, FL
This Panther is located at the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters. Florida panthers are an endangered species. This statue has been there since at least 2007. [map]

Ochopee, FL
This Panther is located on private property owned by Wooten's Everglades Airboat Tours. [map]

Homestead, FL
This bronze Panther sculpture is located at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center. It was created by Eric Berg and installed in 1990. [map]

Miami, FL
This Jaguar was the original mascot at the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus which was built around 1967. The sculpture was created by Pamela Gilmour and Mark Jeffries in the mid-1980s. The Shark is now the school's mascot.

Wampus Cat
Conway, AR
This Wampus Cat is installed at the football field of Conway High School where he is the school's mascot. This mythological beast has six legs: four to run with and two to fight with. Wampus cats are usually depicted as gold with maroon stripes. However, this one is blue to match the school's color. For more, see this website.

Wampus Cat
Conway, AR
This bronze Wampus Cat is also located at Conway High School. It was built by Raymond Gibby and installed in 2013. [map]

Wampus Cat
Itasca, TX
This Wampus Cat statue was installed at an Exxon station. This version of Wampus Cat has only two arms. The Wampus Cat is the local high school's mascot. It seems to be just a coincidence that the statue bears a resemblance to the standing tigers associated with Esso (later Exxon) gas stations. Esso's tigers were fiberglass while this statue is plaster over wire mesh. In 2009, this statue was hit by a car and badly damaged. It is now in a city storage yard. These photos are from 2011. It is not known if the statue will be repaired or destroyed. For more, see this website.

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El Paso, TX
This pair of Sphinxes were installed at the Scottish Rite Temple in 1966. The terra cotta statues were cast in Perth Amboy, NJ. The same mold was later used to produce the Sphinxes at the Lee Lockwood Library in Waco, TX. These statues were modeled after the Sphinxes at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington, DC. For more, see this website. [map]

Philadelphia, PA
Oklahoma City, OK
This Sphinx in Philadelphia is one of a pair inside the Masonic Temple. It is made of cast iron and faced with bronze. The Temple was built in 1873. These statues were either installed then or shortly thereafter.

This Sphinx statue is one of four installed in 1999 at the parking lot entrances of the India Shrine Center. [map]

San Francisco, CA
This pair of Sphinxes are installed in front of the de Young Museum. They were originally built of plaster at the same site in 1894 for the California Midwinter International Exposition. The original Egyptian Revival Fine Arts Pavilion which was located behind them was demolished. The statues were rebuilt with concrete by Arthur Putnam and installed in 1907. For more, see this website. [map]

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