Statue Collections & Producers - Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina

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Glass Hand [gone]
Cleves, OH
The Glass Hand was another fiberglass statue manufacturer. They produced figures for amusement parks, Big Boy statues for Frisch's (middle photo above), and they do custom work for individuals. They made 270 of the 400 pigs that were part of Cincinnati's Big Pig Gig public art project in 2000. The Carpeteria Genie on the far left above was restored for the American Sign Museum. The Glass Hand is gone now.

Jungle Jim's International Market
Fairfield, OH
Jungle Jim's International Market is a six-and-a-half acre supermarket with an amusement park type atmosphere. In addition to these animal statues, there are more statues outside and inside the store, including animatronic displays. Some examples include: a Birthday Cake, a Snake, and Fruit & Corn. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

More Ohio:
Cottrill Art Studio (Zanesville)

various animals
Wynnewood, OK


These various animal statues are located at Steppin' Out Western Wear. The statues have been moved around over the years. There might be fewer now. [map]

Sprayfoam Inc.
Albany, OR
Sprayfoam Inc. is/was owned and operated by Steve Fletcher who started the company as an insulation business. He began producing sculptures with the leftover materials. By 2022, the place was fenced off and the only statue left at this headquarters location is the Eagle sculpture. There are other Fletcher sculptures in town including some Opossums and a Miner and Burro. [map]

The last photo above was taken at Fletcher's home which features this sprayfoam volcano at the front part of the property. [map]

King's Concrete Specialties
Ware Place, SC
King's Concrete Specialties had a variety of fiberglass and concrete figures. In addition to the various animal statues, there were also a few advertising icons (bottom two rows above) including a Bob's Big Boy, a Tastee-Freez Twin, and a couple of Chip's Hamburgers mascots. These photos are from 2007. The fiberglass statues were being actively sold off in 2016. The Tastee-Freez Twin was sold to a private collector in 2016. The Chip's statues were still there at that point. I believe all of the fiberglass statues are gone now. [map]

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