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Goodyear Tire
Pittsburg, KS
This former Goodyear Tire dealership was being renovated when these photos were taken in 2010. By 2013, the building was housing Images, a photography studio. In 2009, there was still a Goodyear sign on the building. This may have been a car showroom originally. Does anyone know what business was here originally? [map]

Goodyear Tire
Ventura, CA
This former Goodyear Tire store was built in 1930. It housed Reliable Tire in 2008. In 2012, the building was vacant. Tire Man moved into the building in 2013. The building was vacant again by 2015. In 2017, Leashless Brewing opened in the building. [map]

Goodyear Tire
Amarillo, TX
This former Goodyear Tire store was built in 1934 as the Adkisson and Gunn Garage. The building now houses Junk 'n Treasures thrift store and the Avenue 10 live performance space. [map]

Center Tire Store
Center, CO
Red River Tire Center
Denison, TX
The Center Tire Store may have opened around 1939. [map]

The Red River Tire Center building is faced with porcelain enamel tile. [map]

American Tire Co. [gone]
Nashville, TN
This American Tire Co. was a nicely preserved Goodyear Tire showroom. This photo was taken in 2007. By 2010, the building was vacant and the building had been stripped of all signage.

former American Tire Co.
Murfreesboro, TN
This American Tire Co. location was probably built in the 1950s. These photos are from 2010. Around 2016, American Tire was gone. The building had been repainted and was housing Brakes for Less. The Goodyear sign was gone. [map]

Crawford-Smith Goodyear
Greenville, TX
Crawford-Smith looks like they have been a garage and tire shop for a very long time. [map]

Johnson Tire Service
Red Wing, MN
Johnson Tire Service has been operating here since 1960. The building probably housed another tire dealer or garage before that. [map]

Goodyear Tires
Rochester, MN
Reno Vulcanizing
Reno, NV
This Goodyear in Rochester has the same raised letter sign as the store in Nashville shown above. It also has a recessed entrance. [map]

Reno Vulcanizing opened in 1921 and prominently features Goodyear Tires. They are also a full service auto garage. The business moved to this new building in 1951. These signs were installed then. [map]

Gregg Tire Co. (now Kansasland Tire)
Topeka, KS
The Gregg Tire Co. was founded in 1917 and opened across the street from its current location. This building was constructed in 1920. The company began selling Goodyear tires in 1921. These photos are from 2010. In 2012, Kansasland Tire bought Gregg Tire's three locations. The building was repainted brown and beige. It still bears Goodyear signs. For more, see this vintage photo from Ryan Gregg, the great grandson of the original owner. [map]

former Goodyear Tire
Long Beach, CA
I believe this building was originally a Goodyear Tire store. If not, it was a Goodyear dealer by the early 1950s at least. The building was built in 1938. It now houses Alpine Auto Body. [map]

Hoelscher Oil Co.
Columbus, TX
The Hoelscher Oil Co. appears to have expanded into Goodyear tire sales. [map]

C.S. Lee Tire & Auto
Fort Worth, TX
C.S. Lee Tire & Auto has three other locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The chain is independently owned by is part of the Goodyear Tire & Service Network. [map]

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