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Oliver's Carry-Out
Hutchinson, KS
Duncan, OK
Oliver's Carry-Out was originally a Tastee-Freez. The roof must have been altered. I have not seen a Tastee-Freez roof without the round lip in front. [map]

Tastee's occupies a former Tastee-Freez. [map]

Alfonso's Taco Shop [gone]
Elk City, OK
former Tastee-Freez
Ponca City, OK
Alfonso's Taco Shop occupied this former Tastee-Freez. The business was closed when this photo was taken in 2011. The building was demolished by 2013.

This former Tastee-Freez in Ponca City was vacant when this photo was taken in 2011. The building had previously housed Highland Burger. The building was still vacant in 2013. [map]

Yesterday's Grill
Culpeper, VA
Kline's Freeze
Manassas, VA
Yesterday's Grill was originally a Tastee-Freez. I believe it has been going by this name since 1999. [map]

Kline's Freeze is another former Tastee-Freez. It has been Kline's since 1965. [map]

Rudd's Tasty Treat
Holyoke, MA
Hasty Freez
Albany, OR
Rudd's Tasty Treat was originally a Tastee-Freez. I believe the name was changed in 1973. By 2015, the rooftop sign was painted to read TasteeFreez. [map]

This Hasty Freez opened in 1952 as a Tastee-Freez. [map]

Jet's Dairy Bar
Rhinelander, WI
Jet's Dairy Bar was built as a Tastee-Freez. Apparently, the rooftop sign was adapted and moved forward onto a pole. Officially, this stand is now known as Briq's Soft Serve at Jet's Dairy Bar. [map]

The Drive-in
Colorado Springs, CO
The Drive-in opened as a Tastee-Freez in the 1950s. These photos are from 2012. Later that year, the rooftop sign had been painted to read "Tasty Freeze." For more, see this website. [map]

BJ's Velvet Freez
Colorado Springs, CO
BJ's Velvet Freez opened as a Tastee-Freez in 1954. It became BJ's Velvet Freez in 1970. For more, see this website. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Pueblo, CO
This former Tastee-Freez now houses Taco Casa. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Casper, WY
This former Tastee-Freez was built in 1956. The building now houses JC Burgers. The pole sign appears to have been adapted. The double diamonds were used as a logo by Tastee-Freez. There is still a Tastee-Freez menu board on the side of the building. [map]

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