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China Nite Cafe [gone]
Ogden, UT
China Nite Cafe opened in 1963. It featured a happy Buddha statue holding up a neon sign. The restaurant closed in 2007 and the Buddha was removed in 2008. The building was demolished by 2012. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Ben Lomond Printing [gone]
Ogden, UT
former Country Boy Dairy [gone]
North Ogden, UT
The Ben Lomond Printing sign was probably from the 1950s or 1960s. The business was long gone but this sign survived until around 2016. This photo is from 2014.

The Country Boy Dairy store opened in 1968. This sign is probably from then. In 2009, the stand became Johnny's Dairy. The lower panel beneath the neon sign was changed at that point. By 2016, the bottom panel had been changed for Popcorn Express but the neon sign above was still there. By 2018, the building and sign were gone.

Motel [gone]
Ogden, UT
Windsor Hotel
Ogden, UT
Topper Bakery [gone]
Ogden, UT
The Colonial Motel sign was probably from the 1960s. In 2022, the motel was demolished and the sign was gone.

The Windsor Hotel was built in 1908. This sign is probably from the 1920s or 1930s. [map]

The Topper Bakery opened in 1939 and is still operating. There was a different, projecting neon sign here originally. The signs that are there now were probably built in the 1950s. The holes indicate that they had neon. This photo is from 2014. Around 2017, the letters were painted black. By 2018, the letters and hat were repainted blue and white. In 2021, the building was devastated by fire and the signs were removed. The owners plan to rebuild [map]

Lighthouse Lounge
Ogden, UT
Millstream Motel [gone]
Ogden, UT
The Club
Ogden, UT
The Lighthouse Lounge opened as a strip club in 1958. This sign is probably from then. In 2011, the owners moved the business to a new location one block away and brought along this sign. These photos are from 2014. [map]

The Millstream Motel opened in 1939. There was a different sign there originally. The neon panels on the top of the more recent sign, which featured an animated water wheel, were probably from the 1950s era. The lower part of this sign was probably from the 1960s. By 2018, the sign was gone. It is now on private property in Willard, UT. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The Club sign is probably from the 1950s. The Two-Bit Street Cafe has occupied the space since 2004. This photo is from 2014. By 2016, most of the neon on sides of the sign was gone. [map]

Kokomo Club
Ogden, UT
Lee's Mongolian Bar-B-Q [gone]
Ogden, UT
The Kokomo Club opened in 1961 and this sign is from then. [map]

Lee's Mongolian Bar-B-Q opened in 1978. These signs must be from then. I believe the restaurant is still open but this sign was gone by 2022. For more, see this website.

Stimson Market [gone]
Ogden, UT
Star Noodle Parlor
Ogden, UT
2008: 2014: 2007: 2022:
This Stimson Market opened in 1948. It was part of a supermarket chain with other locations in Utah. In recent years, the building housed Maria's Market. When this 2014 photo was taken, the building was vacant. In 2015, the sign was gone. By 2016, the entire building was gone.

The Star Noodle Parlor opened in 1948. This sign was built in the 1950s by YESCO. The restaurant closed in 2007 and the sign was moved into storage. In 2015, the sign was restored by YESCO and replaced the text on the sign with "Historic 25th Street." The dragon's tongue is animated and its eyes flash. The sign was reinstalled on the same building which now houses the Stellas on 25th restaurant. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, and 4. [2007 photo thanks Ellie Sargent] [map]

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