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Clarke's Restaurant
Hill's Pharmacy

Dutchman's Gold
Carlisle, ON
Chop Suey House
King St.
Hamilton, ON
Chop Suey House
Concession St. [gone]
Hamilton, ON
Capri Pizza
Hamilton, ON
Dutchman's Gold has been selling honey and maple products since 1981. The store's sign includes a giant beehive. [map]

The Pagoda Chop Suey House on King St. has been downtown since the 1940s. [map]

I assume sign at the Pagoda Chop Suey House on Concession St. was built later. The sign was still there in 2014 but gone by 2015. Both locations are still in operation. For more, see this website.

Capri Pizza opened in 1963 and this sign is probably from then. It has been repainted blue. [map]

various signs

Albion Hotel

More Hamilton:
City Motor Hotel [gone]
Delta Florist [gone]
Hutch's [map]
Irving's Famous Clothes

Kirkland Lake:
Pagoda Restaurant [map]

Iroquois Motel

Morrison's Restaurant

Kirkland Lake:
Pagoda Restaurant

MacIntosh Dry Cleaners [gone]
Kitchener, ON
MacIntosh Dry Cleaners had been here since 1934. The storefront's vitrolite tiles were an example of storefront as sign. There were also probably neon signs where the plastic ones are now. The store closed in 2015 and was still vacant in 2017. By 2020, the tiles and signs were gone. Only the canopy remains. [map]

More Kitchener:
Embassy Motel

C.R. Sumner & Sons Jewellers

Cadillac Motel [gone]
Niagara Falls, ON
The Cadillac Motel sign also appears to be from the 1950s. These photos are from 2007. In 2015, the sign was repainted and the neon removed. Before the neon could be replaced, the motel closed. In 2016, a new sign was installed. For more, see this website. [map]

Capri Restaurant & Tavern [gone]
Niagara Falls, ON
Ottawa, ON
The Capri Restaurant & Tavern opened in 1955. These photos are from 2007. In 2010, the restaurant closed and the signs were removed. For more, see this website.

The Chateau Lafayette opened in 1849. This sign is from the mid-1930s. This photo is from 2009. By 2011, the sign had been repainted. For more, see and this website. [map]

North York:
Sea-Hi Restaurant [gone]

More Ottawa:
former Civic Pharmacy

Port Colborne:
Walter's Restaurant

Chipican Restaurant [gone]

Eastside Confectionery
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Ambassador Motel
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Ernie's Coffee Shop [gone]
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
The Eastside Confectionery has been here since at least 1970. I have not seen an Orange Crush sign like this in the U.S. There was another one in Vancouver, BC. [map]

The Ambassador Motel sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. For more, see this website. [map]

Ernie's Coffee Shop opened in 1950. The sign is believed to be from the 1950s or 1960s when it was built for Lorenzo's restaurant, hence the L-shaped panels. When Ernie's moved into the space in 1971, the sign was adapted and the coffee cup was added. The neon was protected behind plastic. In 2021, the sign was hit by a truck and the damage was extensive. It's not known if it can be repaired or if a new sign will be built. For more, see this website. [map]

More Sault Ste. Marie:
Blue Flame Gas Service [gone]
Muio's [gone]
Princess Theatre

South Porcupine:
Airport Hotel

St. Eugene:

Thunder Bay:
Kingsway Motel

London Cafe

Paul's Jewellery [gone]
Toronto, ON
Honest Ed's [gone]
Toronto, ON
The Paul's Jewellery sign was probably from the 1960s. This photo is from 2007. By 2011, the sign was gone.

Honest Ed's opened this block-long bargain store in 1948. The sign is composed of 23,000 light bulbs. The interior signs were all hand-painted. Honest Ed's closed in 2016. The painted signs were sold. In 2017, one of the 60-foot-wide signs was removed with plans to refurbish and install it at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. However, there is still no news about that happening. In 2023, it was announced that the much smaller, original vertical arrow sign would be restored and installed at the original location. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

El Mocambo Tavern
Toronto, ON
Canary Restaurant [gone]
Toronto, ON
The El Mocambo Tavern began offering live entertainment when it opened in 1946. This sign is from then. This photo is from 2007. The sign was supposedly being restored in 2016. I've heard that it might be installed inside, in two pieces. In 2018, a replica sign was installed. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Canary Restaurant moved here in 1965 from another spot in town. I assume the sign was moved with them as it appears to be 1940s or 1950s. The restaurant closed in 2007. By 2009, the sign had been removed. It went to a salvage store and is now in a private collection. The bird is missing and might be reproduced. In 2019, the sign was displayed at a temporary exhibit at the Neon Museum Toronto. For more, see this website.

Garden Gate
Toronto, ON
The Garden Gate Restaurant has been serving Chinese food since 1952. For more, see this website. [map]

More Toronto:
Bestway Cleaners
Club Zanzibar
Duckworth's Fish & Chips
Fillmores Hotel
Fran's Restaurant
Golden Mile Chrysler "Swinging Lady"
International Chop Suey [gone]
Maple Leaf Motel [gone]
Matador Club
O'Connor Bowl [gone]
Sam the Record Man
Senator Restaurant
Silver Dollar Room
Skyline Restaurant

The Signs That Define Toronto, Kurt Kraler, 2023

Ethel's Lounge

Lazare's Furs
Windsor, ON
Motel [gone]
Windsor, ON
Lazare's Furs opened here around 1928. This sign is probably from then. Although Lazare's Furs moved from this downtown location in 2011, the company still has vaults and a cleaning plant here. This sign also remains in place. For more, see this website. [map]

The Huron Motel sign may have been all neon originally. The sign was still there in 2015 but gone by 2017. It was replaced with a plastic box sign.

More Windsor:
Canadian Club [gone]
Yorktown Square Shopping Centre

Dynevor Furniture & Appliances

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