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The Mister Donut chain was founded in 1956. These signs were used in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The "W"-shaped portion of the signs mimicked their stores' roof line. Most of these remaining buildings now house other businesses and the signs have been adapted or destroyed. Although the brand is defunct in the U.S. except for one hold-out in Godfrey, IL, Mister Donut is the largest doughnut chain in Japan and has other outposts in other countries. For more, see this website.

former Mister Donut
Hayward, CA
This former Mister Donut now houses Tommy's Donuts. The Mister Donut pole sign was adapted. The plastic sign on the side of the building is original and the only one still on public display. The lower half is now broken. [map]

Tasty Donut [gone]
Endwell, NY
Tasty Donut was built as a Mister Donut. When the name was changed, the plastic "Tasty" part of the sign was added to cover up "Mister". I've been told that this location's W-shaped roof was damaged in a tornado in the early 1990s and replaced. This store had been closed since at least 2007. This photo was taken in 2010. In 2011, the sign's plastic panels were removed. The rest of the sign was removed later that year.

Bradenton Donuts
Bradenton, FL
Mid-American Title Loan
Springfield, MO
This Mister Donut location opened in 1966. It has been Bradenton Donuts since the early 1990s. [map]

This location houses a Mid-American Title Loan office. The building was occupied by the Yen Ching Stir-Fry Express before that. [map]

Rick's On 5
Wallingford, CT
Home Cut Donuts
Joliet, IL
Rick's On 5 has an adapted Mister Donut sign. The original building has either been remodeled or replaced. [map]

Home Cut Donuts occupies another former Mister Donut building. [map]

former Mister Donut
Decatur, IL
This former Mister Donut is or was still selling donuts as Donuts & Mor and K&S Donuts. I'm not sure if they were still open when this photo was taken in 2009. The building now houses Taqueria La Perlita. [map]

former Mister Donut
Portland, OR
former Mister Donut
Omaha, NE
This former Mister Donut in Portland now houses the Gateway Breakfast House. [map]

This former Mister Donut in Omaha now houses the Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant. [map]

former Mister Donut
Tulsa, OK
This former Mister Donut housed Daytonz Hitch and Truck Accessories for many years. These photos are from 2011. Around 2019, the building began housing Ray's Tire & Auto Service. [map]

Little Caesars Pizza
Syracuse, NY
This Little Caesars Pizza has occupied this former Mister Donut since at least 2006. [map]

Speedee Cash
Las Vegas, NV
former Mister Donut [gone]
West Des Moines, IA
This Speedee Cash is another former Mister Donut. In the late 1990s, the building was occupied by Charleston Shoe Repair. It had been Speedee Cash since at least 2006. In 2021, the building began housing the Stedfast Tattoo Parlor. [map]

This Des Moines Mister Donut was last known as Donut King. The "Mister" was removed from the sign and remained until the end. It was still there in 2016. But, by 2017, the building and sign were gone.

former Mister Donut
Kalamazoo, MI
former Mister Donut
Harrisburg, PA
This former Mister Donut in Kalamazoo housed the PlumCrazzy Ice Cream Parlor when this photo was taken in 2011. It had closed by 2012. I believe the building was still vacant in 2014. In 2015, the building had been painted red and white and it was housing Quality Auto Today, a used car business. [map]

This former Mister Donut in Harrisburg was occupied by the Strictly Formals tuxedo store for many years. The building now houses the L.A.W. Messenger Service. [map]

former Mister Donut [gone]
San Jose, CA
former Mister Donut
San Jose, CA
The first former Mister Donut last housed Pacific Interlock Pavingstone. The building previously housed Sunset Pools and then Swan Pools. In 2021, the building and, presumably, the sign were demolished. For more, see this website.

The second former Mister Donut in San Jose shown above was built in 1966. The building has housed a Subway restaurant since 2010. Before that, the building housed a H. Salt Esq. Fish & Chips restaurant. For more, see this website. [map]

former Mister Donut
Sacramento, CA
This Mister Donut was built in 1966. The building now houses the Zain Motor used car dealership. [map]

former Mister Donut
Fort Myers, FL
former Mister Donut
Winter Haven, FL
former Mister Donut
Panama City, FL
This former Mister Donut in Fort Myers housed a Domino's Pizza from at least 2007 until 2015. The building remained vacant until 2020 when it began housing the HJ German Corner. [map]

This former Mister Donut in Winter Haven has housed Donut Man since at least 2008. The building had been replaced by then while the sign had been adapted. [map]

This Mister Donut in Panama City has housed a Domino's since at least 2007. [map]

former Mister Donut
Indian Harbour Beach, FL
former Mister Donut
Melbourne, FL
This former Mister Donut in Indian Harbour Beach has housed the Too Cool Cafe since at least 2016. [map]

This former Mister Donut in Melbourne has housed the La Cubanita Sandwich since at least 2007. [map]

former Mister Donut [gone]
Cleveland, OH
This former Mister Donut has housed Peter Pan Donuts for many years. The building and sign looked like this originally. This design preceded the W-roofed buildings above. These photos are from 2005. This store closed in 2008 and has been vacant since then. The building is now in very bad shape. By 2019, the canopy had fallen off and was laying on the ground. The building and sign were demolished in 2021. For more, see this website.

former Mister Donut
St. Petersburg, FL
This former Mister Donut was built in 1965. The building has the same style entrance canopy as the one in Cleveland above. The sign is closer to the original design. This has been a Fray's Donut House since around 2014. [map]

former Mister Donut
West Palm Beach, FL
This former Mister Donut was built in 1960. The building now houses La Cabana Latin Grill. [map]

More former Mister Donuts:
Denver, CO
Titusville, FL
Belleville, IL [vintage; gone]
Danville, IL: 1, 2 [map]
Monticello, IN [gone]
Fitchburg, MA [gone]
Waterville, ME [vintage; gone]
Shoreline, WA
Toronto, ON [vintage; gone]

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