Kansas Mid-Century Modern Buildings (page 1)

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Mid-West Electric Supply
Arkansas City, KS
Waconda Motel
Beloit, KS
The Mid-West Electric Supply facade is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. The building is probably much older than that. [map]

The Waconda Motel was built in 1952. Around 2018, the place was renamed the Backyard Lodge. Howeverm the signs on the building remain. [map]

Fire Department

KXXX radio station
Colby, KS
The KXXX radio station was built in 1961. It was designed by Miller, Hiett, Hockett, Dronberger & Arbuckle. The cupola has a meteorological observation station. The two sets of concrete KXXX letters are 10 feet tall. [map]

Council Grove, KS
This shelter protects the stump of the Council Oak at which a treaty was signed between Indian tribes and U.S. commissioners. The tree fell over in 1958 and this shelter was built over the stump sometime after that. For more, see this website. [map]

United School District Administration Office
El Dorado, KS
This United School District Administration Office was built in 1965. [map]

former White Eagle Credit Union
El Dorado, KS
The White Eagle Credit Union building was built in 1978. The credit union moved in 2019 and the building now houses F5 Imprint and El Dorado Cigar & Pipe. [map]

Fort Scott:
former Downtowner Motor Hotel

Elliott Furniture
Goodland, KS
Elliott Furniture has been here since 1909. This facade remodeling with tiles, screens and stone is from 1961. [map]

Townsman Motel
Independence, KS
The Townsman Motel was built in 1962. By 2016, the neon "Townsman Motel" letters had been replaced with backlit plastic letters. There was an arrow pole sign which is gone now. The motel is being adapted for transitional housing. [map]

Fire Department
Lawrence, KS
This Fire Department building was built as Fire Station #1 in 1950. [map]

Seward County Courthouse