Indiana Mid-Century Modern Retail Buildings

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Fischer's Furniture and Appliance Company
Tell City, IN
Fischer's Furniture and Appliance Company was established in 1948. [map]

Miller Milkhouse
E. Main St.
Richmond, IN
2005: 2009:

Miller Milkhouse
W. Main St.
Richmond, IN
Miller Milkhouse was a glass box type convenience store with a butterfly roof. These stores were owned by Miller's Dairy. I believe the E. Main St. location shown above was built in 1962. In 2005, the store still had the original sign. The sign was changed later and the Miller name was dropped. This was the last location to close of the four built in Richmond. [map]

The W. Main St. location shown above had been vacant since at least 2007 and was boarded up when these photos were taken in 2010. It had reopened by 2015. It has the same sign now as the one on E. Main St. and the billboard style sign has been repainted. For more, see this website. [map]

There were at least two other locations in Muncie, IN. Both of these buildings still survive: on E. Adams St. and on Dr. MLK Jr Blvd..

Muncie Liquors
Muncie, IN
According to the clerk, this Muncie Liquors store was built in 1962. It was originally known as Chic's Liquors. The store which was owned by Chick Hoy (sp?) also sold chicken at the back of the building. There were supposedly two other locations built: one in Bloomington, IN and another in California. However, I can't find anything at all about them. [map]

Lake Station, IN
Gary, IN
This Ruben's building appears to be another Chic's Liquors location as described above. Before it was Ruben's, this restaurant was known as Arman's. The hobo statue may have been inspired by those produced for the Hobo Joe's coffee shop chain. Does anyone know how long this place has been Ruben's, when it was Arman's, or remember when this was a liquor store? There was at least one other Arman's with this Hobo statue. It might have been the one in Valparaiso, IN. A statue turned up in Merrillville, IN but it is missing now. [map]

The Arman's in Gary has a plastic hobo sign. There is nothing special about the building. [map]

The Chic Liquors and Ruben's buildings were built with the same Uni-roof design which was used in Marion, IN for several buildings including this one. A fire station and a dry cleaners both had them but both buildings have been demolished. A house still survives.

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