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Memphis Kiddie Park
Brooklyn, OH
The Memphis Kiddie Park features a nice old course with expansive greens and fun obstacles. The park opened in 1952 and this mini golf was built in 1960. For more about the Kiddie Park, see this page and this website. [map]

Putt-Putt Golf [gone]
Newton Falls, OH
This Putt-Putt Golf is now part of Paul Tessler's Driving Range. These photos are from 2012. The rare plastic Putt-Putt sign and courses are gone now.

Putt-Putt Golf [gone]
Columbus, OH
This Putt-Putt Golf featured two courses with stock holes, a few animals, and a cave. There were lots of big shade trees, nice landscaping, as well as batting cages, go-karts and a games arcade. These photos are from 2003. This course has been closed for years now. By 2016, the place was completely overgrown with weeds. The sign is still there but the panels are missing. [map]

Putt-Putt Golf
Warren, OH
This Putt-Putt Golf is a still-operating, vintage classic. [map]

Putt-Putt Golf [gone]
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH
This Putt-Putt Golf featured two courses with vintage obstacles including these great metal letters. There were also some old-looking wooden fence signs of Putt-Putt's Buster Ball character. These photos are from 2005. The course was gone by 2012.

Allison's Mini Golf
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH
Allison's Mini Golf opened in 1924 and claims to the oldest operating mini golf in the country. The Allison family has operated the course since 1981. I believe this postcard is a vintage view of this same course. The rocks which surround some of the holes may be original. The bowling pins, loop-de-loop, etc. are obviously much later additions. [map]

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