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Dolly Dimples
Silver Creek, NY (now Dunkirk, NY)
Lady Desert
Rhyolite, NV
Dolly Dimples stood among the plaster statuary being sold in front of Valvo's Candies. She is about 16 feet tall. This giant waitress had been there since at least the mid-1970s. She is believed to have originally been installed nearby at Pat's Drive-in, a restaurant which is gone now. Either this statue was installed at the Danbury Fair at some point or there were two of these statues produced. In 2023, Valvo's closed and the statue was moved to Weird But True Antiques, Oddities, and Salvage in Dunkirk, NY. For more, see this website. [map]

Lady Desert, officially entitled "Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada", is a 25-foot-tall sculpture made of cinder blocks. It was created in 1992 by Dr. Hugo Heyrman. This nude woman was done in a pixelated style. For more, see this website. [map]

Afternoon Breeze
Boulder City, NV
This life-sized bronze statue entitled Afternoon Breeze was created by Roy W. Butler. The statue is a tribute to the women of Boulder City in the 1930s. It was installed around 2008. For more, see this website. [map]

Bliss Dance
San Francisco, CA (now Las Vegas, NV)


This Bliss Dance sculpture was built by Marco Cochrane in 2010 for the Burning Man Festival. The dancing woman was 40 feet tall and made of stainless-steel mesh. At night, the sculpture was lit with slowly changing colored LED lights. It was installed at Treasure Island in San Francisco in 2011 and removed in 2015. In 2016, the sculpture was installed in Las Vegas. For more, see this website. [map]

More Nevada:
Blue Angel Motel (Las Vegas)

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Windsor, OH
The Our Lady of Guadalupe statue was built in 1995. Including the angel and base below, it is 50 feet tall. The statue is installed in a farmer's field behind the Servants of Mary Center for Peace. The white globe topped fence surrounding the lake in front of the statue is meant to represent a string of rosary beads. For more, see this website.

Shannon Miller
Edmond, OK
This bronze sculpture of Shannon Miller, an Olympian gymnast and Edmond resident, was installed in Shannon Miller Park in 2001. The sculpture was created by Shan R. Gray. [map]

Brothel Madam (Pendleton)
Portlandia (Portland) [map]

Pie Woman
Frackville, PA
The statue of the Pie Woman and her clutching daughter were built for the Pot-O-Gold Diner in Hamburg, PA. When the diner closed, the statue was installed at its current location at Granny's Restaurant and Motel. It had been there since around 1986. The woman is about 15 feet tall. The child holds a decapitated doll. Around 2007, the figures were repainted orange and gold. This statue was most likely created by Rod Shutt who is responsible for many other giant statues including some described at this page. In 2022, the statue was put up for sale. It is now next to a thrift store and has been repainted. The owner is trying to find a permanent location for the statue. [map]

Mama's Used Cars [gone]
Charleston, SC
Mama's Used Cars uses this likeness of their 80-something owner in its signs and advertising. This photo of this 25-foot-tall inflatable statue was taken in 2007. "Big Mama" was installed around 2005 but, by 2013, she was gone.

More South Carolina:
Witch (Port Royal)

Minnie Pearl (Centerville)

Fran's Hamburgers [gone]
Austin, TX
Fran's Hamburgers opened in 1973 as Dan & Fran's Hamburgers. This eight-foot-tall statue was installed on the roof of the drive-in canopy. It was created by Blue Genie Art in 1997. After the first photo above was taken in 2006, the statue was knocked over during a storm and damaged. At the end of 2008, it was repaired and reinstalled. The second photo is from 2011. Fran's closed in 2013. In 2014, the building was still vacant and the statue was gone. I read that the statue was moving to Fran's other location but now that has closed as well. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Sealy, TX
Maria's Taco Xpress
Austin, TX
This statue of Sekhmet is located at IRC Surplus. Sekhmet was the warrior goddess of healing in Egyptian mythology. The figure has the head of a lioness and the body of a woman. For more, see this website. [map]

Maria's Taco Xpress started out as a food truck in 1997. The business moved to this location in 2006. This statue of "Loca Maria" was installed on the roof. It was created by Michael Peschka and modeled after Maria Corbalan, the restaurant's owner. The restaurant closed in 2020 and this statue was removed. It is now on display at Sign Bar along with other vintage signs. [map]

Virgin Mary
Port Arthur, TX
The statue of Virgin Mary was built in 1986. It is installed in the Queen of Peace Shrine across the street from the Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church. The statue was supposedly built by parishioners. [map]

More Texas:
Tacos a Go-Go (Houston)

Our Lady of Peace Shrine
Pine Bluffs, WY
The Our Lady of Peace Shrine was built in 1998. The 30-foot-tall statue of Mary is the largest sculpture in Wyoming. It was created by Robert Fida. The Stations of the Cross statues and other statues were added later. [map]

More Wyoming:
Cowgirl (Laramie)

Ukrainian Woman (Canora, QC)
Cowgirl (Saint-Ludger-de-Milot, QC) [map]

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