Tin Men Statues

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Tin Man
Forkland, AL
Tin Man
Jacksonville, IL
Tin Man [gone]
Blue Island, IL
Mr. Comfort [gone]
Gaffney, SC
The 32-foot-tall Tin Man in Forkland stands at the Bird Farm among the hay bale creations of Jim Bird. Bathtubs were used for the Tin Man's feet. Bird has been creating these pieces since 1993. For more, see this website. [map]

This Tin Man in Jacksonville stands in front of Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning which has been around since 1947. The statue has been there since at least 2007. He was painted silver originally. This photo is from 2009. He was painted silver again around 2021. [map]

The Tin Man in Blue Island was installed in the front wore a Berghoff restaurant ballcap. The store closed in 2019 and this statue is gone now.

Mr. Comfort was installed over the entrance of the Comfort Heating & Cooling Company. This photo is from 2010. By 2012, the business was gone and so was this statue.

Tin Man
Markham, IL
Oak Forest, IL
In 1971, this six foot tall Tin Man was installed on the roof of King Heating and Air Conditioning in Oak Forest, IL. He was a local icon and dressed up for holidays. The statue was taken down for repairs in 2006 and then reinstalled. The City, pressured by condo developers across the street who considered the statue an eyesore, demanded that statue be shortened to comply with sign regulations. Instead of altering the Tin Man, he was removed in 2007. He was located at Bobby C's Automotive in Markham, IL when the photos on the left were taken. The statue made appearances in local parades and fundraisers. In 2011, a variance was granted and the statue has returned to the roof of King Heating in Oak Forest. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Tin Man [gone]
Corydon, IA
Tin Man
Jerome, ID
Tin Man
Muncie, IN
This Tin Man in Corydon was located in front of Benny Davis Enterprises. The statue was about five feet tall. The statue appeared to be gone in 2018. The two dinosaur skeletons and turtle next to him remain.

This Tin Man in Jerome stands in the middle of a field.

The Tin Man in Muncie stands in front of Delbert M. Dawson & Son's Industrial Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication shop. He is about eight feet tall. [map]

Tin Man
Bowie, TX
Tin Man
Sebastopol, CA
Tin Man
Goshen, MA
The Tin Man in Bowie is installed above the Bowie Sheet Metal sign. The business has been closed and the building has been vacant since at least 2008. However, the sign and statue remain. [map]

The Tin Man in Sebastopol was created by John Jordan between 1948-1950 for King and Jordan Sheet Metal Work. The sculpture is known as "Jordan's Squire". The seated man is installed on the roof. He holds an apple in one hand and a chicken in the other. The business later became Glenn's Metal Works. I believe that business is gone but the sculpture remains. [map]

The 15 foot tall Tin Man in Goshen stands in front of the Good Time Stove Company. He was built in 1958 and was originally installed at Hampshire Engineering Service, a home heating oil company in Northampton, MA. When the company closed in 1977, Elbert Ulshoeffer bought him for $150 and installed him at his home in Goshen. Ulshoeffer later sold him to the Good Time Stove Company. He has been here since at least the mid-1980s. His heart, which is illuminated with a lightbulb behind it, was installed around 2000. The Tin Man holds a hammer and cutting shears. This business also sells antique stoves. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Tin Man
Spokane Valley, WA
Tin Man
Centralia, WA
Tin Man
Vernon, NY
Tin Man [gone]
St. Croix Falls, WI
This Tin Man in Spokane Valley is installed next to the Sheet Metal Workers Local #66 Training Center. [map]

The Tin Man in Centralia is located inside the office of Louis Stoffer & Son Sheet Metal. [map]

The Tin Man in Vernon stands in front of Just Like Grandma's, which specializes in restoring and sales of antique cast-iron stoves. This statue appears to be made entirely from stove parts. [map]

The Tin Man in St. Croix Falls was installed on the roof of the Tin Man, Inc. building in 1967. The statue is 14 feet tall. When the business moved, the Tin Man was brought to the new place and put in front of the building. A loudspeaker was installed inside the statue so he could converse with visitors. These photos are from 2011. The business and statue were gone by 2015.

Tin Man
Cleveland, OH
Tin Man [gone]
Cleveland, OH
Tin Man
Dayton, OH
Tin Man
Coldwater, OH
Tin Man [gone]
Cincinnati, OH
The standing Tin Man in Cleveland is on top of Reader Roofing building. [map]

The seated Tin Man in Cleveland was installed on the roof of Hogg Heating & Cooling. This photo is from 2009. Since then, the business has closed and the statue is gone.

The Tin Man in Dayton is installed on the roof of Gaines Mechanical facing I-75. There is also a smaller Tin Man on the roof which I did not shoot. [map]

The Tin Man in Coldwater, aka the "Steel Man", stands in front of S&K Products. He was created by the company around 1999. The statue has been moved from the road to just in front of the entrance. [map]

The Tin Man in Cincinnati stood in front of Jacobs Mechanical. These photos are from 2009. The statue was still there in 2014 but gone by 2015.

Tin Man
Springs, KS
Tin Man
Liberal, KS
Tin Man
Council Grove, KS
The Tin Man in Baxter Springs was installed in front of Sleepy Girl's Furniture & More by 2020. [map]

The Tin Man in Liberal is installed at Dorothy's House and the Land of Oz. It was built out of air ducts by a local refrigeration class. There is also a statue of Dorothy and Toto. [map]

The Tin Man in Council Grove has been standing in front of Ray's Apple Market since at least 2004. [map]

Tin Man
Alamogordo, NM
Tin Man
Anderson, MO
Tin Men
Umatilla, OR
The Tin Man in Alamogordo stands in front of Anderson Refrigeration. He was built from air duct materials sometime between 2007 and 2013. [map]

The Tin Man in Anderson has stood in front of this closed antiques dealer since around 2016. [map]

These Tin Men in Umatilla are installed on the roof of Eastern Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. They have been here since at least 2007 when the place was known as Road Runner Heating & Cooling. For more, see this website. [map]

Tin Family
Faribault, MN
This Tin Family was installed at Lockerby Sheet Metal & Roofing Co. The man and dog had been there since at least 2007. The woman was added around 2008. These photos are from 2012. The business closed in 2018. By 2020, the statues had been moved to the Rice County Historical Society in Faribault. They were restored in 2023. [map]

Tin Man [gone]
Port Arthur, TX
Culvert Man
Sonora, CA
Culvert Man
Upton, WY
This Tin Man in Port Arthur was installed in front of Taylor Metal Works & Pipe Co. The statue must have been built by the company. It had been there since at least 2008. By 2021, the business and the statue were gone.

This Culvert Man in Sonora is about ten feet tall. The sculpture supports five mailboxes. He has been there since at least 2007. He is often dressed in different outfits. [map]

This Culvert Man in Upton was installed sometime between 2013 and 2016. [map]

Culvert Man
Nodine, MN
Culvert Man
Park Falls, WI
The Culvert Man in Nodine is about 23 feet tall and was made of drainage pipe around 1988. The statue stands in the parking lot of Nodine Culvert Sales. For more, see this website. [map]

This Culvert Man in Park Falls was built by the Koshak Construction Company in 1999. He is made of culverts (steel tubing) which the company sells. The statue is just over ten feet tall. For more, see this website.

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Cape Canaveral, FL
Effingham, IL
Niles, MI [map]
Cincinnati, OH [map]
Maineville, OH
Medina, OH [map]
Boise City, OK
Portland, OR
Central Falls, RI [map]
Warwick, RI [map]
Fairfax, VA [map]
Ludlow, VT
Mount Horeb, WI [gone]
Love, SK

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