Statues Outside the U.S.

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Tijuana, Mexico
Nanoose Bay, BC
Burnaby, BC
This Jesus statue is one of two enormous hilltop Jesus statues in Tijuana. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Gnome statue is at an Esso gas station. Does anyone know more about him? [photo Mark Comstock] [map]

This Atlas statue is installed in front of Steve Nash Fitness World. It was apparently modeled after the Jack LaLanne Atlas statues in the States. This statue is much beefier than those statues and the hair, abs, arms, loincloth are entirely different. There is another Fitness World location in North Vancouver that has a statue inside which is a match for the LaLanne statues. [map]

Tightrope Walker
Niagara Falls, ON
Ripley's Moving Theatre
Niagara Falls, ON
Burger King Frankenstein
Niagara Falls, ON
Mountie [gone]
Niagara Falls, ON
This fiberglass Tight-rope Walker represents Charles Blondin who was the first person to cross the Falls on a tight-rope in 1859. The statue was installed in the 1960s and taken down in 2000. He was restored and reinstalled in 2005. He is suspended over the street in front of Louis Tussaud's Waxworks. For more, see this website. [map]

Ripley's Moving Theatre features a ride that simulates the action on the movie screen. This statuary group is installed above the entrance. [map]

The Burger King Frankenstein ties in with the attraction next door: House of Frankenstein which is a haunted house with wax figures. [map]

This Mountie is slightly less than life-size. It stood outside the Mounted Police Trading Post. This photo is from 2007. The statue was still there in 2014 but gone by 2015.

Tin Soldier
New Westminster, BC
Bicyclist [gone]
New Westminster, BC
Iron Man, Captain America, and Superman
Hamilton, ON
This Tin Soldier is 32 feet tall which makes it the world's largest tin soldier. It was modeled after a Sergeant Major soldier. The statue was built in 2000 and moved here in 2002. [map]

This Bicyclist statue was located at Cap's Bicycles. He was nicknamed "Chip". The statue was installed in 2015 just before this photo was taken. It was gone by 2016.

These Marvel comic book superhero statues are installed at Flamborough Patio Furniture. There are several other statues on the property, including these dinosaurs. [map]

More Statues Outside the U.S.:
Maytag Man (Calgary, AB) [gone]
Sentry (Calgary, AB)
Sentry (Calgary, AB) (others in Edmonton and Winnipeg)
Miner (Drumheller, AB)
Miner (Drumheller, AB)
Klondike Mike: 1, 2 (Edmonton, AB)
12 Foot Davis (Peace River, AB)
Little Giant of the Big Peace: 1, 2 (Chetwynd, BC)
Mr. PG: 1, 2 (Prince George, BC)
Sam the Lumberjack (Squamish, BC)
Flinty (Flintabbatey Flonatin): 1, 2 (Flin Flon, MB)
Viking (Gimli, MB)
Fisherman & Salmon (Campbellton, NB)
Mariner (Auld's Cove, NS) [gone]
Toy Soldiers (Toronto, ON)

Prospector: 1, 2 (Bathurst, New South Wales; AU)
Souvlaki Chef (Sydney, NSW; AU)
Ned Kelly: 1, 2 (Glenrowan, Victoria; AU)
Jesus Christ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Buddha (Chengdu, China)
Freddie Mercury (London, England)
Orange Man & Blue Woman (Lyon, France)
Clown (Tuscany, Italy)
Kannon (Sendai, Japan)
Chef (Tokyo, Japan)
Shinjo (Tokyo, Japan)
Jesus Christ (Torreón, Mexico)
Lumberjack (Tokoroa, New Zealand)
Giant Woman (Puk Tien Beach, Thailand)
Jesus Christ (Vung Tao, Vietnam)

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