Oklahoma Statues

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Golden Driller
Tulsa, OK


The Golden Driller was built in 1953 for the International Petroleum Exposition. In 1966, he was donated to the Tulsa State Fair, remodeled, and moved here. The Driller is 76 feet tall and made of plaster and concrete. His hand rests on an oil derrick that was originally used in Seminole, OK. During a restoration in 1979, "Tulsa" was added to his belt buckle. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

the Transformer
Stillwater, OK
Optimus Prime
the Transformer
Stillwater, OK
These two Transformers are located at the two G&M Body Shop locations. They are about 20 feet tall and were ordered from a company in Thailand. However, the body shop owner was so disappointed with them that he took them apart and made his own significant modifications. The statues were installed in 2015. [Bumblebee map]; [Optimus Prime map]

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