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Mr. Lumberjack
Muncie, IN
Mr. Lumberjack is over 20 feet tall and was created in the mid-1960s for the Kirby Wood Lumber Co. in Muncie. He wore a red plaid shirt at that point. Sometime later, he was moved to the Timbers Lounge where he stands today. [map]

Indianapolis, IN
James Dean [gone?]
Fairmount, IN
Clown [gone]
Gary, IN
former Mister Fifteen
Shirley, IN
This 25-foot-tall Anubis statue stood in front of the Children's Museum when this photo was taken in 2009. It was installed in 2009 to promote the museum's Tutankhamun exhibit. By 2014, the statue had been moved to the parking garage.

This James Dean statue is installed in front of the James Dean Memorial Gallery. Fairmount was the actor's hometown. I don't see the statue there in 2023. [map]

This Clown statue stood in front of Classic Auto Insurance when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2013, the business had become the Insurance Spot and the statue was gone.

This Mister Fifteen statue was installed on top of a sign. The Fifteen referred to the price of the Mister Fifteen drive-in's hamburgers. The statue originally held a hamburger in his left hand. I don't know how many locations there were or where this statue came from. There were at least two: in Muncie, IN and Anderson, IN. There was another Mister Fifteen built in Chattanooga, TN around the same time but I don't know if it was related to the Indiana location(s). There is a sign below the statue now identifying him as the "Burger Man". When Mister Fifteen closed in the 1970s, the place was renamed Burger Man. On the side of his bag or lunch pail which was added later, there is faded paint which reads "Judy's Carry Out". This statue is also referred to as "Puffy the Baker". These photos are from 2010. In 2016, the statue was repainted. [map]

Montpelier, IN

New Castle, IN
These gas station attendant statues were originally installed at Marathon Oil gas stations. I haven't seen or heard of any outside of Indiana. The name "Corey" was originally painted on the side of statue's left arm. There is a strong similarity between these statues and several Uncle Sam statues. They were probably produced by the same company.

The Corey in Montpelier stood in front of the Covered Bridge Gallery of Fine Gifts and the Tin Lizzy Ice Cream Shop when these photos were taken in 2012. His name is still painted on his arm. The place has closed but the statue was still there in 2017. The top of the ice cream cone is gone. This statue might have come from Muncie, IN. In 2001, there was a Corey there at Pam Reason Car Sales. [map]

The Corey in New Castle stands near the Ice House Tavern. There was most likely a gas station on this empty lot. The Marathon patch on his right arm looks like it was changed to Sunoco before it was painted over. In 2024, this statue was put up for sale. [map]

There was another Corey in Connersville, IN. The Marathon station later became the Flagman gas station and Sparkle Car Wash. The business is gone now and the statue has disappeared. There was another Corey statue in Cambridge City, IN which is also gone.

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