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former Texaco station
Lebanon, OH
This former Texaco station was built in 1942. It was home to Vic's Classic Cars for many years. By 2018, the building was housing A Man's Place barber shop. [map]

former station
Ironton, OH
This former station housed Kim's Tax Service when these photos were taken in 2009. By 2012, the building housed Best Value, a used car lot. The Kelly Tire sign is a leftover from when this building still had an auto-related function. My guess is that this was originally a Texaco station. [map]

former Gulf station
New Washington, OH
former Gulf station
Akron, OH
This former Gulf station in New Washington was still operating as a gas station when this photo was taken in 2009. By 2021, the porcelain panels had been removed from the building. [map]

This former Gulf station in Akron now houses Decker Muffler. [map]

Greenho's Sunoco station
North Canton, OH
There has been a Sunoco station here since 1939. At that time, it was known as North Canton Sunoco Service. In 1952, it became Greenho's Sunoco. There was originally a smaller building here. Today, it is still a Sunoco station with a modern canopy and pumps in front of the building. [map]

former Gulf station
West Jefferson, OH
former Gulf station [gone]
Middletown, OH
This former Gulf station in West Jefferson was occupied by Volkswagen Service by Performance Automotive when this photo was taken in 2003. By 2009, the building was housing Darby Excavating. [map]

This former Gulf station in Middletown housed Ben Ligon's 76 Service when this photo was taken in 2009. The pumps and islands are now gone. In 2013, the building appeared vacant. By 2017, the building was gone.

former Humble station
Steubenville, OH
This former Humble station housed the Francois Auto Clinic when these photos were taken in 2012. This building was designed by Esso which operated under the Humble name in Ohio. By 2015, the building had been repainted white and red and was used by a used car dealership. [map]

former Humble station
West Jefferson, OH
former station [gone]
Mount Vernon, OH
This former Humble station housed the Dari-Treat ice cream stand when this photo was taken in 2003. The building later housed the Purple Ox ice cream stand. The building was vacant in 2018. [map]

This former station in Mount Vernon most recently housed Baker's Auto Repair. The building was vacant in 2009. Does anyone know what brand of gas was sold here originally? By 2018, the building was gone.

M.D. Garage
Boston, OH
The M.D. Garage is a restored 1946 concrete block station. It is now used for art shows. The building was probably faced with porcelain enamel originally. The vintage Pure Oil signs and pumps were added during a restoration in the late 1990s. I don't know what brand of gas was sold here originally. [map]

former Amoco station [gone]
Cleveland, OH
former Amoco station
Dillonvale, OH
This former Amoco station in Cleveland had been vacant for many years. The lower half of the building would have been covered with porcelain enamel panels like the top half. It was still there in 2016. By 2018, the building was gone.

This former Amoco station in Dillonvale has apparently been vacant for many years. The tower is leaning. This photo is from 2012. By 2013, the Amoco letters had been removed. [map]

former Pure Oil station
Bellville, OH
former Cities Service station
Lorain, OH
This former Pure Oil station retains its blue porcelain enamel roof tiles. The two-bay attached garage is also original. The building now houses Fred's Service & Repair. [map]

This former Cities Service station in Lorain was built around 1959. Since 1984, the building has housed Benny's Carriage Shoppe. In 2014, the station was restored to its original look. [map]

former Bonded station [gone]
Dayton, OH
former Gas N Go [gone]
Ashtabula, OH
This former Bonded station in Dayton was built in the 1960s. This design was used throughout Ohio and West Virginia. This photo is from 2003. The station was still there in 2007 but gone by 2011.

This UFO-like Gas N Go was built in 1966 and closed in 1988. It had flashing lights around the rim and a glowing bubble on top. It was dismantled in 1999 and put in storage at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland. The museum had planned to to display this station. However, the wood and metal were deemed too far gone. The remains of the building were destroyed. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [photo thanks Johnnyboy]

former station [gone]
Cleveland, OH
This former station was either a Minute Man or a Falcon station originally. Both brands used the same design. Although the building was in bad shape now, it was the only example left of this design that I know of in Ohio. This photo is from 2011. The building was still there and vacant in 2014. By 2016, it was gone. For better examples of these buildings, see these in Pennsylvania.

former Tresler Comet station
Cincinnati, OH
This former Tresler Comet station was built in 1963. These photos are from 2012 when the building was housing Green P Ltd. Auto Sales. By 2014, the building had been painted grey and it was housing Bikebolts. By 2017, it was painted blue and white and was housing a used car dealership. [map]

The Tresler Oil Co. was a Cincinnati-based company. The windows are part of the original design. However, they would have been a single sheet of glass not split like this. The side window was originally all glass. The roof was originally red and the rest of building white. There were red freestanding "COMET" letters along the front of the roof.

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