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Jack's Uptown Service
Rensselaer, IN
Jack's Uptown Service is either a former Mobil station or just dressed up like one. I don't know if this Pegasus sign was always located here or acquired later. The building might have been faced with porcelain enamel panels originally. The gas pumps have been removed. [map]

former station
Columbus, IN
This former station housed Bicycle Station when these photos were taken in 2006. In 2014, the building housed Fine Line Window Tinting. The limestone facade is pretty common in Indiana seems to be original. The inscription on the side of the building says "Zaharako 1958". So, that's most likely when it was built. It was probably owned by the family that used to own Zaharako's Confectionery in town. In 2018, the building appeared to be vacant. By 2019, the building was housing a used car lot office. [map]

former Phillips 66 station
Chesterton, IN
This former Phillips 66 station housed Michael's Auto Repair when these photos were taken in 2012. In 2015, the building was vacant. By 2018, the building was housing another auto repair business. [map]

Phillips 66 station
Indianapolis, IN
This Phillips 66 station was built in 1965. Later on, it was a Union 76 station and Tista Oil station. When the City deemed the "batwing" canopy historic, the station's owner compromised on renovation plans. A rectangular canopy was built directly over the original "batwing" canopy. The station reopened as a Phillips 66 again. By 2017, it was housing a Marathon station. [map]

Denver's Auto Care
Fortville, IN
Denver's Auto Care looks like a Phillips 66 but with a rectangular canopy. It might have been a 1960s Gulf station originally. Does anyone know for sure? By 2018, the pumps were gone and the building appeared to be vacant. [map]

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