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former Gulf station
Franklin, GA
This former Gulf station was built around 1932. The building was restored around 2017 by the Heard County Historical Society as the Filling Station Museum. The replica pumps and signs were installed then. There is local historical memorabilia inside the office. [map]

former station
Marietta, GA
This former station is a modern recreation. There was a Sinclair station built here in the 1920s. That building had a two-pole canopy on the right and service bays on the left. The McPherson Tire Shop was located behind the station. They were both still operating in the 1950s. Sometime after that, the building was demolished. The newer building was there by 2007. It has the service bays on the right and a single-pole canopy on the left. The canopy appears to be have been based on a Gulf Oil design. The building has housed the Third Door restaurant since 2020. For more, see this website. [map]

former station
Midway, GA
This former station was built in the 1930s. The building is now used as a repair shop. I don't know what brand of gas was sold here originally. The Gulf sign was probably added in the 1950s. [map]

former Sinclair station
Perry, GA
This former Sinclair station was built by Henry Matthews in 1931. The station closed in 1978 and later housed a restaurant. From 2018-2021, the building was restored and is now a small museum put together by the Perry Area Historical Society with gas station and local history items. [map]

former station
Summerville, GA
This former station was built in the 1930s. It originally had a flat roof. The building now houses Summerville Radiator. [map]

former Boyd Tire Company
Savannah, GA
The Boyd Tire Company building sold tires and also housed a gas station and car storage. I think it was built in the 1920s. Parker's Market spent about $2 million to restore the building. The 24-hour gourmet market and gas station opened in 1999. There are also six apartments upstairs. [map]

former Texaco station
Savannah, GA
This Texaco station was built in 1937. The building was restored around 2008 and began housing a Vespa dealership. In 2016, it was housing a bakery and pizza restaurant. Since 2021, it has housed Zunzi's, a South African inspired restaurant. Posts and a low wall were added around the outdoor dining space at that time. [map]

Standard Oil Building
Savannah, GA
This Standard Oil Building once served as office space with pumps under the canopy. The building is now used as a bank. The Magnolia Petroleum Building in Oklahoma City, OK has a similar oil company/gas station building on a grander scale. [map]

fantasy station
Watkinsville, GA
I believe this is a fantasy station. It was built sometime after 2008 on private property. [map]

former station?
Talmo, GA
This former station was supposedly built in the 1940s. It features a Texaco sign, pumps and memorabilia. However, I suspect that this is a recreation rather than a restoration. [map]

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