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Twistee Treat buildings are 28 feet tall and 20 feet wide fiberglass ice cream cones topped with cherries. The design was created by Robert G. "Skip" Skinner who built the first location in North Fort Myers in 1982. The buildings were produced in Cape Coral, FL. They were made from 19 pieces of fiberglass and assembled on-site. By 1986, there were 30 locations, all of them in Florida. It is believed that about 90 of these buildings were produced over the years. About half of them have been demolished.

In 1990, the company filed for bankruptcy. A new company was formed in 1996. In 1999, this new Twistee Treat Corporation still managed 35 locations in Florida and Missouri and planned to expand to Georgia and Texas. These new locations were to offer gourmet coffee, burgers, and other food. The interiors were to feature swivel stools, white fiberglass counters, and a white and magenta color scheme. However, I don't believe any of these new buildings were ever built. The company ceased to exist around 2000. Before becoming defunct, Twistee Treat sold the franchising rights to a company in Canada. Using the name of Twirlees, the company produced similar, smaller mobile units and trucks. There were several of these units in Florida. There was one of these units at the Twistee Treat in Ocala, FL which was moved to West Chester, OH (see below).

In 2010, an Orlando-based company was established to revive the Twistee Treat chain with nearly identical buildings. In 2011, the first Twistee Treat USA location opened in Orlando, FL. The company now has 32 locations in Florida and 3 locations in Texas. For more, see this website.

The buildings shown below are in alphabetical order by state. The next two pages show the Florida locations and copycat buildings.

South Shore Sweet Spot
Clear Lake, IA
The South Shore Sweet Spot opened in 2011. The top half of the building came from a Twistee Treat. Around 2010, it was moved to Iowa from North Fort Myers, FL where it was last used as a barber shop in the 1990s. The bottom half had already been demolished. It was recreated here with concrete. By 2021, the top half had been painted brown and white. For more, see this website. [map]

Twistee Treat
East Peoria, IL
Twistee Treat [gone]
Mattoon, IL
Twistee Treat
Livingston, IL
The Twistee Treat in East Peoria has been here since 1993. It was previously located in Clearwater, FL. The stand is attached to a former apartment building which serves as a dining room. [map]

The Twistee Treat in Mattoon was also known as Rhoadside Custard, named after the owners of Rhoads Refrigeration who bought this stand and moved it here from Florida. I believe the stand served frozen custard rather than soft-serve ice cream. It closed around 2015 and remained vacant after that. It was gone by 2022.

The Twistee Treat in Livingston is located at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall. [map]

Oakley [gone]


King Kone
Perry, MI
Whippy Dip [gone]
Hemlock, MI
The Twistee Treat in Perry goes by the name of King Kone. It has been there since at least 2006. [map]

The Twistee Treat in Hemlock went by the name of Whippy Dip. The building had been there since at least 2007. In 2018, the stand and all the equipment were put up for sale at auction. The building was gone by 2019. It was either moved or destroyed.

Kris & Kate's Ice Cream Treats
St. Joseph, MO
Twist o' the Mist
Niagara Falls, NY
Twistee Treat
at The Gravel Pit [gone]
Batavia, NY
I'm not sure when Kris & Kate's Ice Cream Treats opened but this building was still a Twistee Treat back in the mid-1990s. It was painted pink when it became Kris & Kate's. For more, see this website. [map]

The Twist o' the Mist was originally part of the Twistee Treat chain. The light fixtures on the property are made from ice cream piggy banks. Around 2005, green awnings were added to the building. For more, see this website. [map]

The Twistee Treat in Batavia was part of The Gravel Pit which also features bumper cars, an arcade, mini golf and a driving range. This Twistee Treat was moved here in 2002 from northwestern NY. This photo is from 2010. By 2015, the Gravel Pit had closed and this Twistee Treat was gone. I don't know if it was moved or destroyed.

More New York:
Spencerport [gone; supposedly moved to Dillsburg, PA but never seen again]

Twistee Treat
Lincoln Way East [gone]
Massillon, OH
Twistee Treat
Amherst Rd.
Massillon, OH
Twistee Treat
Lincoln Way NW
Massillon, OH
Massillon had three Twistee Treat locations. The Lincoln Way East location is gone. The abundance of Twistee Treat buildings in Ohio can be credited to Russell Draime who bought and brought 13 of them from Florida many years ago.

The photo of the Lincoln Way East location is from 2012. By 2015, the site had become a car lot but the Twistee Treat building was still there. By 2016, the place was serving ice cream again. In 2017, it was dismantled and sitting in pieces at a nearby driving range.

I believe the other two locations in Massillon are still open. [Amherst Rd. map]; [Lincoln Way NW map]

Twistee Treat
Clyde, OH
Falls Twistee Treat [gone]
Newton Falls, OH
Chubby's Treats
Canton, OH
The Twistee Treat in Clyde might have been one of the buildings brought up from Florida by Russell Draime. There is a Twistee Treat grave marker in Clyde. [map]

The Falls Twistee Treat opened in 2010. The building was previously located in Florida. In 2012, the building was sold on eBay for $35,000. I was told that it was moving back to Florida.

Chubby's Treats is the most sundae-like Twistee Treat of all the remaining locations. I doubt the chocolate syrup is original. However, the cherry red plastic ball might be. The building in Mattoon, IL below has one just like it. [map]

The Cone
West Chester, OH
The Cone's Twistee Treat building was brought here from Florida in 1993 by Russell Draime. It opened in 1995. In 2005, the Twistee building was partially enclosed with an addition which includes a dining area. That same year, the owners brought the Mobile Cone up from Louisiana. It is believed that it was produced in Florida in the 1980s or 1990s before the Twirlees mobile units were developed. The owner has several Twirlees units. He also had a 13-foot-tall mobile Snowman stand which was moved to Portersville, PA in 2013. For more, see this website. [map]

Twistee Treat
Philadelphia, PA
Christine's Twistee Treat
(later Dot's Twistee Treat) [gone]
Levittown, PA
Twistee Treat
Wernersville, PA
The Twistee Treat building in Philadelphia was moved here from Florida around 1990 by the owners of Captain's Choice which is located next door. They brought two other Twistee Treat buildings to the area at the same time. Christine's Twistee Treat was one of them. The third was probably the one in Bristol, PA which was later destroyed. [map]

This photo of Christine's Twistee Treat is from 2012. In 2014, it became Dot's Twistee Treat. The ice cream top of the building was painted white and the Christine's sign was removed. In 2021, the property was sold and the building was disassembled. It may be installed somewhere else.

The Twistee Treat in Wernersville is known as the Wertz Ice Cream Cone. The building was previously located in Iowa. It was moved here in the late 1990s. For many years, it was tucked away next to a larger building which served as a restaurant and ice cream parlor. In 2007, it was moved a couple blocks away to a more prominent location. [map]

Twistee Treat
Collegeville, PA
Turtle Twist
Canonsburg, PA
The Twistee Treat in Collegeville was part of the Collegeville Pitstop which also features go-karts, mini golf, and a video arcade. This Twistee Treat was brought up from Florida around 1997. The Pitstop closed around 2013. The Twistee Treat building was still there in 2017 but closed. The building now houses Ateethi Indian restaurant. [map]

Turtle Twist is a former Twistee Treat. This building was previously installed in 1992 at an amusement park in Lakewood, NY. It was reassembled here in 2004. The turtle is a reference to one of the owner's alma mater: the University of Maryland, home of the Terrapins. [map]

South Dakota:
Aberdeen [gone]

Pigeon Forge

Twistee Treat [gone]
Brownsville, TX
The Twistee Treat in Brownsville was originally located in Port Isabel, TX. It had been in storage since 2006 and was installed in Brownsville in 2010 where it was named the Ice Cream Factory. This photo is from 2011. I believe it was still there and open in 2013. It was gone by 2018.

Twistee Treat
Pflugerville, TX
2011: 2018: 2019:
The Twistee Treat housed Nana's Treat House in 2011. The roof was painted red previously when this place was known as Twisters Ice Cream. By 2013, Nana's had closed. In 2015, the building began housing Snow Angels Shaved Ice. By 2018, the building was vacant again. In 2019, it reopened as Tasty Pfreeze and the top of the cone had been painted blue. In 2022, the building began housing Little Italy Brick Oven Pizza. [map]

Twistee Treat
Houston, TX
Twistee Treat
Bellaire, TX
Twistee Treat
Cypress, TX
These three Twistee Treat buildings are all modern versions. They were all installed around 2018. [Houston map]; [Bellaire map]; [Cypress map]

More Texas:
Port Isabel [gone; demolished]

Twistee Treat [gone]
Princeton, WV
The Twistee Treat in Princeton had been here since around 2004. It is believed that this building was previously located in Pennsylvania. These photos are from 2012. It closed later that year and by 2013, the building was gone.

Twistee Treat
Wyandotte St. E. [gone]
Windsor, ON
Twistee Treat
Tecumseh Rd. E. [gone]
Windsor, ON
Twistee Treat
London, ON
There were two Twistee Treat locations in Windsor. These photos are from 2011. The location on Wyandotte St. E. was still there as of 2015. It was gone by 2016. The location on Tecumseh Rd. E. was gone by 2012. There was at least one other location in Windsor that is also gone.

There were two Twistee Treat locations in London. This one on Southdale Rd. is still there. [photo thanks Crystal Young Photography] [map]

Other Twistee Treats:
Canada: Minden, ON
Hatillo, Puerto Rico: 1, 2
various locations

If you know of any other Twistee Treats not included at these two pages, please let me know. I'd also appreciate hearing about any that have moved, changed names or been modified.

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