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Oatmeal, TX
Magic Noodle
Joplin, MO
French Fries
& Soft Drink
Los Angeles, CA
Drink & French Fries
Las Vegas, NV
Mammoth Cheese
Perth, ON
Giant Cheese [gone]
Poynette, WI
This giant Oatmeal Carton functions as a water tower and welcome sign. [map]

This giant bowl of food with chopsticks is located at the Magic Noodle restaurant. [map]

The giant French Fries & Soft Drink in Los Angeles are installed on the roof of a McDonald's. They have been there since at least 2007. [map]

The giant Drink & French Fries in Las Vegas are instlaled on the side of a McDonald's. They have been there since at least 2007. [map]

The Mammoth Cheese is a monumental tribute to the giant cheese that was produced in Perth for the Chicago Fair of 1893. The original, real cheddar cheese wheel was six feet tall, 28 feet around, and weighed 22,000 pounds. This full-sized monument was produced in 1943. This photo is from 2007. In 2009, a second monument was built. [1943 Cheese map]; [2009 Cheese map]

The Giant Cheese in Poynette was located at the Curd & Whey Cheese House. It was gone in 2021.

Slice of Cheese
Windsor, CA
This steel Slice of Cheese sculpture was created by Robert Ellison in 1979 and is entitled "Slice." It was restored and installed in 2018 in Keiser Park. It was originally going to be displayed vertically. However, the 20-foot-wide sculpture was installed horizontally to be safer for children to interact with. [map]

Cheese House
Wells, ME
former Cheese House
Arlington, VT

former Cheese House
Fiskdale, MA
The Cheese House chain consisted of 17 cheese-shaped locations in New England. There was also a location in Pennsylvania. I believe there are only five of these buildings left: the three shown here and another in Trenton, ME (1, 2). The stores were built in the mid-1960s and early 1970s. They were constructed of wood with a cut-out wedge for the entrance and windows. They are nine feet tall and forty feet in diameter. In the late 1970s, the chain disbanded due to financial problems.

The Cheese House in Wells became The Cheese Wheel. New owners added a kitchen in 1982 and the business became Sparky's Take Out. It is now called the Wine and Cheese Shop. The store sells gourmet food, cheese, and wine. The original "Chucky", a six-foot-tall mouse, is still on the roof of the building. According to some sources, his name might have originally been "Tony" or "Chunky". The statue was still holding his wedge of cheese around 2002. However, that's gone now. In 2003, he lost an ear in a storm. In 2004, he was "roughed up badly" by some vandals who broke his legs. By 2009, he was repaired and put back on the roof. [map]

The Cheese House in Arlington was built in 1965 as the first location for the chain. The building now barely resembles a wheel of cheese with its roof and addition. It appears from the postcard that Chucky, now gone, possibly had a bluebird on his right shoulder. Around 2021, the building was painted blue and began housing the Rablogan Castle of Scotland. [map]

The Cheese House in Fiskdale now houses Bonardi's Formal Wear. The peaked structure above the door is not original. [map]

This round building in Lanesborough, MA originally housed a Cheese House. The wedge shape has been filled in with an addition and the building now houses Krispy Cones Soft Serve Ice Cream. For more, see this website.

There were other locations in Wiscasset, ME and Sturbridge, MA.

For more giant mice, see this page.

former dairy store
Brokaw, WI
This former dairy store is shaped like a wheel of cheese with a slice removed. It has been abandoned for years but the dairy plant behind it still appears to be in operation. [map]

More Giant Cheese Statues:
Cheese Drop (Plymouth, WI)

More Giant Food Statues:
Spaghetti & Meatballs Car (Hyannis, MA)
Pinto MacBean (Bow Island, AB) [map]
Pyrogy (Glendon, AB)
Sausage (Mundare, AB)

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