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Kewpee Hamburgers
Lima, OH
The Kewpee hamburger chain was founded in Flint, MI in 1923 as the Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs. There are only four other Kewpees left: two more modern locations in Lima, OH, one in Racine, WI, and another in Lansing, MI. It was built in the 1930s and seats about 50 customers. In addition to the Kewpee doll outside, there are two others inside. Before the restaurant enlarged its parking lot, there was a car turntable. Rather than backing out of the lot, a car would pull onto the turntable and be manually turned around. An example of this is at Fidelity Cleaners in Philadelphia, PA. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

The Court (now Fat Cat Diner)
Lima, OH
2007: 2009:
This building was constructed in 1940. The original tenant, the Tip Top restaurant, operated here until the 1980s. Then, The Court restaurant took over the space until it closed around 2000. In 2007, the building and sign were refurbished for Sal's Philly Steaks. The building now houses the Fat Cat Diner. [map]

Tip Top Restaurant & Catering
Stow, OH
The Tip Top Restaurant & Catering opened as the Tip Top restaurant in the late 1920s. Records show the location as the Tip Top Drive-in in 1940. I don't know if this business was related to the former Tip Top in Lima (see above). More records show the changes in names over the years: the Flag Pole in 1960, Captain Jack's in 1968, Around the Clock in 1986, and Charlies in 1992. It became Dave's Tip Top in 2005. The entry appears to be from the 1960s or it could be a modern retro construction. [map]

Maid-Rite Drive-in
Greenville, OH
Spot Restaurant
Sidney, OH
The Maid-Rite Drive-in is as famous for its "loose meat sandwiches" as it is for its "wall of gum". I believe this restaurant opened in the 1930s. While there is a Maid-Rite chain, founded in 1926 with several locations in Ohio, I don't believe this restaurant was ever part of it. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Spot Restaurant opened in 1907. In 1917, the restaurant expanded with other "Spot to Eat" locations in Athens, Urbana, Lima and Bellefontaine, OH. This is the only location left. The restaurant was rebuilt after a fire in 1941. The neon sign is from the 1950s or so. It is still lit at night. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Carl's Townhouse
Chillicothe, OH
Carl's Townhouse opened in 1940 as "NCL" (Nice Clean Lunch). It was renamed in 2000 when the building was moved to a new location in town. According to one source, the building was first used at the 1939 World's Fair as a model gas station. [map]

Bob's Hamburg
Akron, OH
Bob's Hamburg opened in 1931. [map]

Hitching Post
Cincinnati, OH
The Hitching Post restaurant was apparently part of a local chain. I believe this location opened in the late 1960s. This sign for Lutz Flowers appears to have advertised for a Hitching Post originally. There is another location in town but it has a modern sign and exterior. [map]

Frozen Dee-lite Cafe
Parkman, OH
The Frozen Dee-lite Cafe appears to be from the 1960s or 1970s. Does anyone know if this was the original business here? [map]

Johnson's Drive-In [gone]
Conneaut, OH
Johnson's Drive-In featured a great "Time to Eat" clock, tile roof, great awnings and a U-shaped counter inside. It had been vacant for many years. The building was constructed in the 1920s as a prefabricated metal Cities Service gas station. In 2006, there were plans to disassemble and move it to Williamsfield, OH where it would be restored and displayed with vintage pumps. I don't believe this ever happened.

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