Iowa Ice Cream

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Wilton Candy Kitchen
Wilton, IA
Wilton Candy Kitchen was established in 1910. The sign was built in 1946. The store no longer produces candies but still has the original soda fountain and serves ice cream. For more, see this website. [map]

Birdsall Ice Cream Company
Mason City, IA
The Birdsall Ice Cream Company has been here since at least the 1960s. [map]

Dairy Sweet
Adair, IA
Dairy Sweet was an Iowa ice cream stand chain. By 1959, there were over 200 franchises in Iowa and the company was expanding to Missouri and Nebraska. The "kit" buildings were produced in Ankeny, IA. This stand also had signage for Dew Drop Inn which also seems to be a regional chain. [map]

former Dairy Sweet
Nashua, IA
This Nashua location is now called the Dairy Treat. These photos are from 2010. Around 2019, the two sign panels next to the boy were replaced. By 2021, the panel with the boy was gone, too. [map]

Dairy Sweet
Lamont, IA
Dairy Sweet
Mount Ayr, IA
The Lamont location has a one-piece sign. [map]

The Mount Ayr location appeared to have a hand-painted replacement sign. Unless this was an older, rooftop version of the chain's plastic sign. By 2022, the rooftop sign had been repainted. [map]

Dairy Sweet
Woodbine, IA
This Dairy Sweet location as embossed plastic signs which wrap around the building. These signs with representations of hamburgers, sundaes, and drinks are very rare. There were some at this Ohio, IL location. [map]

There were Dairy Sweet locations built in Nebraska as well. There is one in Crawford, NE which also has the hamburger, sundae, and drink sign.

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Frostee's: 1, 2 (Winterset) [map]

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