Montana Dinosaurs

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Glendive, MT
Glendisaurus is a Triceratops. The statue was built between 1994-1997 and is installed at Hollecker Lake. [map]

Tyrannosaurus Rex sign
Glendive, MT
This Tyrannosaurus Rex sign was installed in the parking lot of the Eastern Plains Event Center in the early 1990s. In 2022, funds were being raised to restore the painted plywood panels and possibly add LED lighting. In 2023, the panels were gone but the sign supports were still there. [map]

Glendive, MT
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Glasgow, MT
This Triceratops sculpture in Glendive is installed in a parking lot downtown. [map]

This metal Tyrannosaurus Rex in Glasgow is installed in front of the McDonald's. It might have been created by Buck Samuelson who created many sculptures west of town. [map]

Montana Dinosaur Center
Bynum, MT
This Tyrannosaurus Rex statue is installed in front of the Montana Dinosaur Center which opened in 1995. The statue has been there since at least 2007. [map]

Old Trail Museum
Choteau, MT
These three dinosaur statues are displayed in front of the Old Trail Museum. They have been there since at least 2007. I believe the museum opened in 1984. The statues might have been installed then. The rows above from top to bottom represent an Einiosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus, and a Maiasaura. [map]

Great Plains Dinosaur Museum
Malta, MT
These three dinosaur statues are installed in front of the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum. The museum opened in 2008. In 2014, these statues were moved here from Piccadilly Park, a closed mini golf, in Plains, MT. Befofre 2004, they were installed at Valley Fun Center in Columbia Falls, MT. [map]

Circle, MT
This Dinosaur statue is installed between a gas station and a motel downtown. It was probably built by the same person responsible for the statues at the museum below. [map]

Circle, MT
These concrete Dinosaur statues at located at the McCone County Museum. I don't know who built them or how long they have been there but they look very old. [map]

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