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Prehistoric Forest
Onsted, MI

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The Prehistoric Forest was built around 1963. In 1997, the place was put up for sale and new owners took over in 1999. The park closed around 2002 and has been abandoned since then. The Prehistoric Forest had a safari train that took visitors around the eight-acre property, past a rumbling and smoking volcano and a 35 foot tall waterfall. There were dinosaur bones, serpents, pterodactyls, a dinosaur egg nest, cavemen, strange giant daisies, fake cactus, and 15 life-size dinosaurs. These statues were produced by James Q. Sidwell who also made the statues for the Prehistoric Forest in Marblehead, OH and Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA. I also believe he made the cavepeople for (see similar-looking ones at Magic Forest in Lake George, NY).

After the train ride, visitors could entertain themselves at a dig site with fossils, footprints and bones. There was also a "crazy maze" and a water slide which was built in the early 1980s are gone now. The property had been for sale since at least 2006. In 2010, it was listed for more than $500,000. By 2011, the price had dropped to $269,000. In 2012, the property was sold. Later that year, many of the statues were damaged by vandals. Many were moved into storage to protect them. The owner would like to restore the place but nothing has happened as of 2019. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. [map]

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