Paul Bunyan Statues: Various Locations

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Paul Bunyan and Babe
Forest City, IA
These Paul Bunyan and Babe statues were concealed behind bushes when these photos were taken in 2009. Does anyone know how long they have been here or what their history is? By 2015, it appeared that the Bunyan was gone. The Paul Bunyan was a wood carving while the Babe is a fiberglass statue like these. [map]

Paul Bunyan sign (Coeur d'Alene)

Paul Bunyan
University Park, IL
This 30-foot-tall Paul Bunyan was installed in 2006 at Governors State University. According to the artist Tony Tasset, "the traditional tall tale of Paul Bunyan is an allegory of American optimism, power, and consequence. This Paul is a traditional icon projected into current time. Paul has been forced to grow up." [map]

Paul Bunyan (Bellingham)

Paul Bunyan
Bangor, ME
The 31-foot-tall Bangor Bunyan was built in 1959 of steel-reinforced fiberglass and weighs 3,700 pounds. He cost about $20,000 to build. I believe that this statue was the inspiration for the original International Fiberglass' Paul Bunyan statue.

The cobblestone base has a time capsule from 1959 inside which is scheduled to be opened in 2084. Folks in Maine claim Paul Bunyan as their son, saying that he was born in Bangor in 1834. In the late 19th century, Bangor was considered the Lumber Capital of the World. There was a community effort in 2015 and 2016 to install a statue of Babe behind the Bunyan statue. However, as of 2021, nothing has happened with that. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Paul Bunyan (Littlefork)

Earl Bunyon
New Town, ND
This 19-foot-tall sculpture represents Earl Bunyon [sic], Paul Bunyan's brother. It was built in 1958 by Fred LaRocque from scrap metal, chicken wire, and cement. Originally, the statue held a fishing pole. Later, that was changed to a branding iron. After that, he held a lariat. Restoration of the sculpture began in 2021. These photos are from 2022. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

New Mexico:
Paul Bunyan (Albuquerque)

Paul Bunyan
Buffalo, NY
This Paul Bunyan statue is identical to the statue that was in Oaks, PA described below. This one came from Crystal Beach Amusement Park in Ontario, Canada. The statue was auctioned off in 1989 after the park closed. This statue was purchased by the Phil Arida who owns a Christmas tree business which sets up shop every holiday season next to Anderson's Frozen Custard. The statue has been installed there every year since Arida bought it. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Paul Bunyan [gone]
Oaks, PA
This chubby Paul Bunyan stood in front of Arnold’s Family Fun Center. The statue was about 16 feet tall. These photos were taken in 2010. By 2012, the statue was gone. The statue was identical to the statue in Buffalo, NY described above.

There is or was another one of these statues at Nelly Bly Park in Brooklyn, NY. The amusement park is now known as Adventurers Amusement Park. I don't know if the statue is still there.

There was also a seated version of this statue in Wildwood, NJ in the 1960s. In 2021, the statue was being sold at auction.

There was another one of these at the seated statues at the Danbury Fair in Danbury, CT.

More New York:
Enchanted Forest (Old Forge)
Paul Bunyan (Tupper Lake) [map]

Paul Bunyan
North Las Vegas, NV
This Paul Bunyan was made from the same mold as the statue shown above. It stands in front of Lumberjacks Restaurant. This location opened in 2012. There are nine other locations in California. I believe many or all of them have these statues. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Portland, OR


The Paul Bunyan statue is 31 feet tall and is made of steel and plaster. He was built in 1959 as a tribute to the timber industry for Oregon's Centennial Exposition. In 2009, this statue was repainted and added to the National Register of Historic Places. By 2015, the paint had faded quite a bit. He was repainted in 2017. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Ralph Bunyan
Butte Falls, OR
This statue of Ralph Bunyan, Paul Bunyan's little brother, was carved by Bill Edmondson. The statue is about six feet tall. It has been located in the city's park since at least the mid-1990s. [map]

Paul Bunyan and Babe [gone]
Doylestown, PA
The Doylestown Bunyan and Babe stood in front of Bright's Firewood & Mulch. They were carved wood sculptures. These photos are from 2005. By 2012, the statues were gone.

Paul Bunyan [gone]
Sevierville, TN
This Paul Bunyan was not all that big but it was a nice wood carved statue. This photo is from 2005. By 2011, the statue was gone.

Paul Bunyan sign (Shelton) [vintage; gone]
Paul Bunyan (Tokeland) [gone]

Paul Bunyan & Babe
Nitro, WV
These Paul Bunyan and Babe statues are located at Town & Country Supply. They were previously located at the Paul Bunyan Eatery at a truck stop in Hurricane, WV. After that, they were installed at the fairgrounds in Eleanor, WV. These photos are from 2012. [map]

There are identical Paul Bunyan statues like these at Paul Bunyan's Northwoods Cook Shanty in Wisconsin Dells, WI and elsewhere.

More West Virginia:
Paul Bunyan & Babe (Eleanor, WV)

Canada and Elsewhere:
Paul Bunyan & Babe (Blind River, ON) [vintage; gone]
Paul Bunyan (location unknown)

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