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Encounters with Cows (page 1)

One of my dogs' favorite activities is "greeting" cows when we are traveling. I take the back roads in farm country to increase our chances of finding them. Even fiberglass cows will do. Just the whispered word ("cows") sends Gripper and Fix into a window-scratching, barking fit. BeeBee and Spud were never impressed with cows but liked the way they smelled.

Gripper and Fix bark incessantly at them. Gripper stamps her front feet with each bark, while Fix goes for ear-piercing barking volume. The new boy, Sputnik (not pictured here), takes a screaming approach - far surpassing Fix's intensity. The cows seem equally fascinated and will often run to the fence to see what all the ruckus is about. They even compete for the front row. It makes the day for both species. Sometimes, we encounter horses and exotic birds (see emus below) on our journeys which the dogs find just as exciting.

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