My Three Great Dogs

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In 2016, my dog Fix passed away at the age of 17. After that, my pack consisted of three wonderful, rescue dogs. Two of them were Petfinder adoptions and the other was a shelter dog being fostered by a friend. Gremlin is a Miniature Pinscher. Sputnik and Griswold are Rat Terriers. Those hyperlinked names will take you to more photos of each one and their stories.

We live in Ventura, CA where these lucky dogs get to run off-leash every day on the beach and at different parks. They accompany me on all my roadtrips when I take photos for the main part of this website,

For about ten years, I competed in agility with my dogs. I'm not competing in the sport at this point. However, I still spend lots of time training my dogs. Each of them knows dozens of tricks. This video shows them in action.

Every Saturday morning, I treat the dogs to a full-out run at a grass field chasing a remote control racecar. The car can do about 30 mph on grass and dirt. The dogs get completely tuckered out after about 20 minutes of chasing the car. Although Nik can't see the car, he follows the sounds of the fake motor and the barking of the other dogs. Grem may be the smallest but she is never more than a few feet from the car. If the car hits a bump and flips over, the tires and body are subjected to a three-way tug-off-war. They also enjoy chasing above ground "prey". My friend took this video of my dogs chasing and barking at his drone.

This new page is short since I had just started documenting our pack's adventures without Fixie. For photos from previous years, see this page. In 2017, I adopted a new little dog, Dilly. My pack is back to the magic number of four and I have started a new page.

first photo, left to right: Griz, Grem & Nik
at Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura, CA

former Spanish Trail Motel
Tucson, AZ

getting the A/C fixed at Pep Boys
Abilene, TX

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