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Fix looked like a runty Pit Bull or Boxer but was probably a mix of Boston Terrier and another Mixed Breed. She might have been part Whippet, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Border Terrier, or Pug. She lived about 17 years, weighed about 20 pounds, and stood 15 inches at the withers. She was a stray puppy that was found sleeping in a flowerpot. She was adopted by my neighbor who named her "Brindie" after her brindle coloring.

I fell in love with this dog the first time I met her in the park. Her previous owner had severe arthritis and used a walker. She had a hard time holding onto the dog's leash because of the condition of her hands. She let the dog's leash drag on the ground which is especially dangerous in New York City. Sure enough, one day the dog saw a friend of hers across the street and rant to greet him. The leash wrapped around the wheel of a fast-moving car and dragged her. Luckily, there were no broken bones but there were major abrasions to her skin which left permanent scars especially on her left side.

After the accident, everyone in the neighborhood begged the owner to give up the dog but she refused to part with her. I worked out a time-share arrangement so that the dog could get exercise and socializing. The dog was then living in a studio apartment and barely got the chance to stretch her legs. I began taking her to the off-leash park in the mornings and started training her for agility. I nicknamed her Fix which was short for Fixer-Upper. Fix accompanied me and my other dogs on weekends when we went to agility trials and seminars, hikes, etc.

After five months of going back and forth between our homes, I managed to persuade the woman that Fix would be better off living permanently with me. At that point, the woman was still letting the dog's leash drag on the ground and it was only a matter of time until Fix was hit by a car again.

Fix adapted quickly to her new lifestyle. She was probably happier as an only dog but the perks of living in my pack outweighed the competition for attention. I competed with Fix in agility and we did fairly well. However, after a couple of years, she still found competition stressful. So, I decided to retire her.

Fixie hated the cold and rain and was terrified of thunder. She was grateful that we moved from the Northeast to sunny Southern Caifornia in her golden years. She was always fascinated with airplanes and continuously watched them whenever they were within sight. She was pretty much deaf the last couple years of her life. She developed a lot of arthritis in her legs and back. When moving around became very difficult even with supplements and medications, I decided that it was best for her to die with dignity. She had a good long life filled with love and adventure.

above far right: photo by Amanda Jones

Above: In her younger days, Fixie's favorite place to run was at the beach.

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