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Abbeville, AL
Buster Brown Shoes
Abbeville, AL
Red Goose Shoes
Abbeville, AL
Poll Parrot Shoes
Abbeville, AL
Abbeville, AL
Rexall Drugs
Abbeville, AL
Abbeville, AL
United Motor Services
Abbeville, AL
These antique signs hang above replica storefronts. They belong to Jimmy Rane and are part of his effort to revitalize his hometown of Abbeville. Since 1996, Rane and his company "Great Southern Wood" have spent more than $1 million into local projects. Nearly every building downtown is filled with memorabilia that Rane has collected over the years. Huggin' Molly's restaurant opened downtown in 2006. It contains a replica soda fountain as well as more of Rane's collection. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

I have seen other Philco signs before but not like this one. For more, see this website. In Abbeville, this sign hangs above a simulated Philco TV and radio dealer.

Buster Brown Shoes, Red Goose Shoes, and Poll Parrot Shoes were all mass-produced signs for shoe stores. Here in Abbeville, the Buster Brown sign hangs outside the simulated shoe store while the other two signs are in the display window. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3.

The Case Corporation has been producing farming equipment since 1831. For more, see this website.

These navy Rexall Drugs signs are much rarer than the orange and blue ones. For more, see this section.

United Motor Services was created in 1916 to handle sales for the United Motors Corporation, an accessories and parts manufacturer. They established service branches nationwide and later became part of General Motors. Here in Abbeville, this sign hangs above a false front garage that serves as a parking lot. For more, see this website.

More Abbeville Signs:
Mother Penn Motor Oil
Standard Oil

Masonic Lodge
Anniston, AL
Vann Thomas
Motel [gone]
Anniston, AL
Walker Drug Store
Attalla, AL
The Masonic Lodge sign in Anniston is somewhat similar in design but is probably much newer. [map]

The Vann Thomas Motel has been here since at least 1958. However, a postcard shows that it had a different sign then. This sign was missing the bottom half of the arrow when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2013, the sign was gone. For more, see this website.

The Walker Drug Store is gone but this sign remains. [map]

More Anniston Signs:
Goal Post Bar-B-Q

More Attalla Signs:
Alabama Power Company

Jefferson County
Truck Growers Association
Farmers Market
Birmingham, AL
Andrew's Bar-B-Q
Birmingham, AL
Prince Hall Grand Lodge
Birmingham, AL
Printing Co. [gone]
Birmingham, AL
The Jefferson County Truck Growers Association Farmers Market has been here since 1956 and the sign would appear to be from then. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Andrew's Bar-B-Q opened in 1947 and this sign is probably from then. The building is now vacant. The sign was still there in 2015. [map]

The Prince Hall Grand Lodge features this nice neon Masonic sign. They still hold meetings here downtown. [map]

Wheaten Printing Co. was closed when this photo was taken in 2010. The sign was still there in 2014 but gone by 2015.

Shoe Hospital
Birmingham, AL
Hunter Furniture
Birmingham, AL
The Goodyear Shoe Hospital looks like it's been here for quite awhile. It has four locations in Birmingham. These neon shoe signs were once ubiquitous advertising for shoe repair shops. [map]

Hunter Furniture was founded in 1920 and closed in 2009. This sign was probably built in the 1950s. In 2010, the sign was adapted for Dog Days of Birmingham. For more, see this website. [map]

Bebco Building
Birmingham, AL
Bebco, the Birmingham Electric Battery Company, was established in 1913. This building is from 1926 and was used as the company's garage. The building was restored in 2005 and is now used for office space. These signs remain from the Bebco days and are lit at night. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Berthon's Cleaners
Birmingham, AL
Berthon's Cleaners was established in 1918. These signs are probably from the 1950s. [map]

16th Street Baptist Church
Birmingham, AL
Sherrill Auto
Paint & Body Co.
Birmingham, AL
Town Motel
Birmingham, AL
Marsh Bakery [gone]
Birmingham, AL
This 16th St. Baptist Church sign is a 2008 replica of an older sign. [map]

This Sherrill Auto Paint & Body Co. sign features a giant hand and what looks like a business card. Does anyone know if this sign was used by another business before this one? [map]

The Town Motel has been here since the 1950s. This sign must have been inspired by the Holiday Inn "great sign". [map]

This Marsh Bakery store closed in 2005 when the company moved to a new location. The sign was still there in 2010 when this photo was taken. It was gone by 2011. Marsh moved to this former Frostop location in 1967. The bakery repainted the Frostop mug as a pink cake and added new neon. By 1999, the sign was in bad shape and the panels were rebuilt. The cake took on the two-layered look as shown in the photo above, keeping the internal support structure from the Frostop mug. I don't know if this sign ever revolved like the mugs did.

More Birmingham Signs:
Atlanta Life
Barber's Milk [gone]
Bogue's Restaurant [gone]
Catfish Cabin [vintage; gone]
Dairy Snack [vintage; gone]
Motel Birmingham
Penny Dog Food
Tourway Inn
Uniform House of Dixie
Vogue Cleaners
various signs

Book: Vintage Birmingham Signs

Blountsville Pharmacy
Blountsville, AL
Cherokee Plaza
Centre, AL
Big Bull Family
Restaurant [gone]
Cropwell, AL
Discount Pharmacy
Cullman, AL
The neon on the Blountsville Pharmacy sign appears to be in good shape. [map]

I believe the Cherokee Plaza shopping center opened in 1975. [map]

The Big Bull Family Restaurant was long gone but this sign was still there in 2010 when this photo was taken. By 2013, the sign was gone. The bull's legs were originally animated.

The Hospital Discount Pharmacy features a plastic mortar and pestle sign. These signs were mass-produced. [map]

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