Airplane Eateries

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Aero Dogs (now Richard's Lunchbox)
Tulare, CA


Aero Dogs opened around 2006. The restaurant was built from a 1951 Air Force airplane. There is indoor seating. In 2012, the restaurant became Tom's Smokin' Barbeque. By 2013, it had been renamed Richard's Lunch Box. For more, see this website.

The Airplane Restaurant
Colorado Springs, CO
The Airplane Restaurant opened in 2002. A Boeing KC-97 tanker from 1953 is used as part of the restaurant's dining area. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Jim Flannery's Constellation Lounge & Restaurant [gone]
Penndel, PA
Jim Flannery's restaurant opened in 1928. He added the 1954 Lockheed Super G Constellation airliner to the roof in 1967. Its interior was left intact and used as a 72-seat cocktail lounge known as the Constellation Lounge. The Lounge closed in 1979 because of leaks but the diner below remained open. It operated as Amelia's from 1981-1991, then later as the Airplane Diner until 1995. Connie, the plane's nickname, fell into further disrepair and was trucked away in 1997 to the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The plane has been restored but is no longer in flying condition. The restaurant was razed in 1997 and replaced with an Amoco gas station. There were plans to put a six foot long replica of the plane on top of the station's roof. However, a smaller model plane was mounted on the station's sign instead. Although it is now a BP station, the memorial plane is still there on top of the sign. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

William Penn Diner [gone]
near Wilmington, DE
Popeye's Ice House
Portland, ME
Waldo Pepper's
Weirs Beach, NH
Wilson's Bar & Grill [gone]
Greenwood, IN
Smitty's Bar & Grill
Warrensburg, MO
The William Penn Diner played upon the fact that it was located next to the New Castle County Airport.

Popeye's Ice House is really just a bar (not a restaurant) but it features a plane's tail section protruding from its roof.

Waldo Pepper's is a pizza/sub place. The name of the place, and the idea for mounting the plane on the roof, must have come from the 1975 movie.

Wilson's Bar & Grill was located near the Greenwood Airport. The wheels of the plane projected into the interior of Wilson's. However, Wilson's and the plane are now gone. The building is still there - with a patched part of the roof where the plane was. For more, see this website.

Smitty's Bar & Grill has another crashed plane. I don't know the inspiration or if this was the original business.

Meineke Muffler
Salem, MA
Although this is not a restaurant, I'll include this one here anyway. This crashed plane protrudes from the roof of a Meineke Muffler. The building itself has a crashed look at that same corner. Does anyone know the story behind this one?

For more planes mounted on buildings, see this gas station page.

More Airplane Restaurants:
DC-7 Steakhouse (Byron, GA) [gone]
Sky-Hi Restaurant: 1, 2 (Chicago, IL) [gone] [ad thanks Robby Delius]

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