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What-a-Burger #1
Kannapolis, NC

What-a-Burger #2
Concord, NC
What-a-Burger #9
Albemarle, NC
What-a-Burger #10
Kannapolis, NC
What-a-Burger #11
Mooresville, NC
What-a-Burger #13
Mount Pleasant, NC
What-a-Burger #15
Concord, NC
What-a-Burger opened its first location near Newport News, VA in 1950. The North Carolina locations were owned by Ed Bost. Bost's first location opened in the 1950s in Concord. This does not explain why the Kannapolis location is called #1. [map]

[Concord #2 map]

The Albemarle location has been abandoned for years. [map]

[Kannapolis #10 map]

The Mooresville location, #11, opened in 1960. [map]

[Mount Pleasant map]

The Concord location, #15, seems to have been the last What-a-Burger built. That was probably by the mid-1960s. [map]

The Concord and Mount Pleasant locations do not have canopy structures. I believe the other numbered locations (#3-8, 12, and 14) not shown here have been demolished. This chain was unrelated to the Whataburger chain which was established in Texas. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

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