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The Denny's buildings shown below were also designed by Armet & Davis around 1964. They called the design the "cupcake". I have nicknamed this style the "crown roof" type. For more, see this website.

Wenatchee, WA
This still operating Denny's building is particularly intact and well-maintained. [map]

former Denny's
Bryan, TX
former Denny's
Junction City, KS
This former Denny's in Bryan now houses a Kettle Restaurant. [map]

This former Denny's in Junction City housed Napoli's Italian Restaurant when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2012, the restaurant had closed. Around 2015, the building housed the Greek Heroes restaurant. That was closed by 2016. It was still a Denny's in 2009. For more, see this website. [map]

former Denny's
Dallas, TX
This former Denny's now houses the Midway Hollow Pet Clinic. [map]

Denton, TX
This Denny's is another well-preserved example of the crown style roof. The upper, crown part of the building has been replaced. [map]

Kansas City, MO
This Denny's is another well-preserved example with a modified crown. [map]

Colorado Springs, CO
This Denny's is still operating. The crown roof has been modified. [map]

King City, CA
Modesto, CA
Salinas, CA
San Diego, CA
Emeryville, CA
Crescent City, CA
There are many other Denny's crown-style buildings still operating around the country including those shown above. [King City map]; [Modesto map]; [Salinas map]; [San Diego map]; [Emeryville map]

Like most of these crown-style buildings, the Crescent City building and sign have been repainted beige and remodeled slightly. This 2005 photo shows a green roof and a sign with a fun font style. [map]

Lodi, CA
2008: 2014:
Santa Rosa, CA
Petaluma, CA
Stockton, CA
Seattle, WA
Burien, WA
Santa Fe, NM
Klamath Falls, OR
2008: 2016:
These Lodi, Stockton, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Seattle, Burien, Santa Fe, and Klamath Falls Denny's are further examples of this style. Their neon signs have been replaced with a plastic ones. The Stockton location still has one of the now very rare neon signs. The Klamath Falls building was repainted between 2012 and 2015. For more, see this website. [Lodi map]; [Stockton map]; [Santa Rosa map]; [Petaluma map]; [Seattle map]; [Burien map]; [Santa Fe map]; [Klamath Falls map]

former Denny's
San Luis Obispo, CA
This former Denny's in San Luis Obispo was still an operating Denny's in 2004. The building housed the SLO Coast Diner when this photo was taken in 2013. In 2016, the building was remodeled as a Quiky Car Wash. [map]

former Denny's
Oklahoma City, OK
This former Denny's now houses Chelio's Diner. [map]

There are lots of operating Denny's buildings like those shown below which I have nicknamed the "modern gable" type.

former Denny's [gone]
Roswell, NM
This former Denny's housed the Cover-Up Café sometime before this photo was taken in 2008. The building was still vacant in 2012. The sign frame was empty. In 2013, the building was drastically remodeled and now houses a Subway and other businesses. The former Denny's pole sign is gone. [map]

San Mateo, CA
This Denny's building features the same design as the one in Roswell above. For more, see this website. [map]

Marilyn's Restaurant
Morton Grove, IL
Haunted Trails
Burbank, IL
Marilyn's Restaurant occupies a remodeled Denny's restaurant. This photo is from 2009. The building has been repainted a couple of times since then. [map]

Haunted Trails mini golf uses this former Denny's building as its office and arcade. [map]

former Denny's
South Bend, IN
former Denny's
Placerville, CA
This former Denny's in South Bend housed Boom City, a fireworks store, when this photo was taken in 2011. The building now houses Phantom Fireworks. [map]

This former Denny's in Placerville was built in 1970. The building has housed a Mel's restaurant since at least 2003. [map]

Ann Arbor, MI
This Denny's is the only location that I know of still operating with this building design. [map]

former Denny's
Tukwila, WA
This former Denny's was built in 1970. It has housed Randy's Restaurant since around 1980. The original Denny's interior is intact. [map]

More vintage Denny's Restaurants:
Baker, CA
Eureka, CA
Petaluma, CA
Pleasanton, CA
Roseville, CA
Olathe, KS [gone]
Metairie, LA
Seattle, WA: 1, 2 [gone]

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